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Open forum, Dec 9-15

goldenoldie — December 9, 2013 at 8:39 a.m. I'd greatly appreciate a few links to those unbiased Clark County news sources the Columbian's reporters are 'copying and pasting' their stories from.

The reason I'm asking is I just got my first pop-up from the Columbian limiting future access. (10 down-20 to go) I followed the link to the subscription page and was surprised to find online access costing more than the E-edtion. I checked out the E-edtion, but that's like trying to read a newspaper with a magnifying glass. I'm old, but not that old.

Equally surprising was the $18 per/month charge for the online edition. I like and appreciate the role the Columbian plays in the community, but I'm having trouble convincing myself that I should pay more for the Columbian than I do the New York Times.

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Open forum, Dec 9-15

kn_dalai — December 8, 2013 at 8:06 p.m. Last night, just before the site crashed you asked me to define the difference between Liberals and Progressives and expressed concern that previous questions had gone unanswered.
F Personally, I think the terms are mostly semantical and as interchangeable as using Regressive or Conservatives, but if you’re interested in a more academic distinction, you couldn’t do better than to Google “Liberal vs Progressive.”

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Open forum, Dec 2-8

Before Conservatives and Tea Partiers get too deep into another victimhood meme and use the Columbian’s paywall decision as another opportunity to bash the Paper for its biased and partisan coverage it would be good to remember that in the last few election cycles the Columbian has endorsed a number of Conservative Republicans such as: Romney over Obama, McKenna over Inslee, Rossi over Murray, Herrera Buetler over Heck, and many others. Those endorsements don’t mean the Paper is ultra conservative, but they certainly put a strain on the credibility of anyone claiming the Paper is liberal or progressive.

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Open forum, Dec 2-8

Just looking at the FB comments following Madore's 'blessing' of people and organizations in his capacity as a County Commissioner, it's apparent he believes himself to be the County's Chief Administrator as well as its Spiritual Leader. There will never be a shortage of egos or ego stroking among politicians and their followers, but there's something seriously abnormal and cultish about the adoration and religiosity of comments left by his administrative assistant, Anna Miller, following his various pronouncements.

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Open forum, Dec 2-8

The purge continues:

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Open forum, Dec 2-8

JacJak/manthou: ALEC isn't the only right wing partisan political action group that Google is funding while lecturing its users to avoid evil.

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Open forum, Dec 2-8

Yesterday's NYT added some additional information to the Guardian piece on ALEC. Not sure how Benton/Madore will explain the hypocrisy of hiding behind anonymous donors while promising an 'open and transparent' government, but I'll look forward to the effort.

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Open forum, Dec 2-8

manthou/timerick: Virginia also tolls its major bridges and roads. A single passenger vehicle on the ChesBayBrdgTun will pay $12 beginning Jan 1.

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Open forum, Dec 2-8

Nailingit: Just think of how much more could be accomplished if, instead of challenging Republicans to think positive and work productively, he'd offered a multi-page 'Integrity' resolution complete with references to his previous statements and positions.

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Open forum, Dec 2-8

goldenoldie — December 4, 2013 at 8:43 a.m. I'm not sure what Mother Jones pays its interns has to do with the probability of manufactured food in China, but given the realities of World population growth, the new science may play a role similar to that played by the Green Revolution fifty years ago in saving millions from starvation.

I avoid processed food, don't eat much meat, eggs, cook from scratch, can't imagine eating food made in China, etc., but I also understand how fortunate I am to be able to do so, and how important it is to support affordable alternatives for those less fortunate or with fewer choices.

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