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One's history will never be forgotten when it comes to the public

The Columbian isn't investigative. Look at the pride in posting public documents to a searchable database - which is nice - look at all the CRC documents. But what have they done with it since then? Other CRC reports, but no questioning of the spending.

I agree with Bob and alleycat as well. The lack of investigation because there is no obvious paper trail is weak. Pick up the phone - call, call, call. You do put reporters 'on the beat', so get them out there.

The fact you are defending your lack of reporting tells enough of a story. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

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Live chat with Mayor Leavitt Friday

@playa - Look, all I can say is that when asked a direct question about tolls removing revenue from the local economy, and what the impact will be, the honorable mayor can only say that he'll ask for a study. Or say that this is good for trucking companies. Why he doesn't seem to worry about the lost revenue for the city of Vancouver is beyond me.

It's the answer I expected, but not one he should have made. Frankly, he doesn't care, IMHO.

PS. I'm surprised Libby posted the comment about him not answering the question.

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Live chat with Mayor Leavitt Friday

Interesting question and dodging answer from Leavitt:

Q: Can you comment on the impact tolling will have on local the local Vancouver economy? Toll payments on citizens in the area remove income that could be spent locally...

Tim Leavitt: Yes, your question has been brought up recently. I am inquiring with the CRC if there are studies from any of the many other locations around the Country where tolls have been implemented, regarding economic impact on local business and property values of tolls. Keep in mind that improved mobility and accessability ought to have a positive impact on local businesses also. We know for certain that there is a huge cost (negative) to our community when freight and commerce is stuck in traffic jams. Trucking companies in San Diego try to time their travel to Canada based on the bottleneck at I5. I'm pleased that the Feds and States have been working diligently to resolve this cluster!

Umm....does anyone's local family not mind paying their bills or putting food on the table for some San Diego trucking company? Who is the mayor representing? If you're crossing each day ($2.50), five days a week, 50 weeks a year, that's $1250 per year minimum you're losing (and remember, you're paying federal taxes on that income you're spending crossing the CRC). And, Mr. Mayor, it doesn't take a study to do the math, which is estimated to remove at least ~$80 million from the local economy at current traffic rates.

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Group forms in support of new I-5 bridge

Pat doesn't answer squat...we've also asked him if he will continue to support a mayor that outright tells the public he'd spend the money regardless of what the public thinks.

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Councilor Campbell seeks Vancouver vote on crossing

@patcampbell - "I fully support Mayor Leavitt and CRC with light rail."

So you support the mayor's position of "damned what the citizens think"? He publically stated that he doesn't care what the voters think. So guilt by association? Or do you hold a different view?

Frankly, you are not representing the citizens if you blindly support the mayor.

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What’s not to love about Portland?

So, since it's all "over there", why are we trying so hard to bring it over here? I just knew it would have to be a light rail piece today. Drive over to Delta Park and catch the fancy people mover.

Just as Portland likes to be independent, most Vancouver residents want to be fiercely independent from Portland. You want your cake, go move across the river. Look back at one of your reasons you live here "... near America’s best big city...", not in it.

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Let the community be heard

@patcampbell - Go tell the mayor that he appears a little more than 'elitist' when he tells the citizens that he doesn't care what they think or vote, he'd spend the money whether they liked it or not because he (or the council) knows better.

elitism - The belief that certain persons or members of certain classes or groups deserve favored treatment by virtue of their perceived superiority, as in intellect, social status, or financial resources.

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Let the community be heard

I appreciate it, Lou. Still wishing we had a vote that was binding, since I don't trust most of our elected officials to follow the will of the people. Especially our downright dishonest mayor in Vancouver, who flat out said he'd spend the money regardless of what the voters wanted. He probably thinks of himself as some noble crusader - father knows best. Let's hope we can look back on all of this in a few years as the reason for another voter revolt at the polling places.

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In Our View: Ask the Voters

"nonbinding advisory vote" what I do with my children when it's time to talk about vacations. "Disney". "Water Park". All the while we already booked a small, inexpensive hotel somewhere with a pool. But it's fun making them think we care about their opinions.

Of course, in this case, the CRC group has spent $100 million plus on a down payment for their vacation, and they're not about to lose the deposit by changing anything.

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The New I-5 Bridge: Beauty or Beast?

Build it, with TWO Light Rails - on one each side - and Toll Booths for more perfect symmetry. Nobody cares about cost.

Gotta love how much money is being spent on this debate.

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