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Murray praises river locks project as investment in economy

nailingit, You Betcha!

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Murray praises river locks project as investment in economy

Why should Obama get a pass, Allen? He's doubled the debt from all the rest.

What good would raising taxes do when we have seen for decades all they do is find somewhere to increase spending, Allen? Why don't we stop all entitlements to illegal aliens to help fund the wars? How about the Obamas curtail some of their weekly vacations on our dime?

Why don't we stop buying oil from foreign lands and drill our own? Why not back off some environmental standards for the time being and use coal some more, with appropriate scrubbers on any smoke stacks?

If it were left up to me, there would be drastic cuts seen in congressional salaries, benefits and staffing.

BTW, getting one man will not end terrorism.

mrd, there is waste in the defense budget that should go. One area we could begin is deep cuts in civilian staff at the Pentagon.

BTW, that top 1% you complain about? They currently pay almost half of the money in the treasury. How about we begin making that 47% that currently pay no taxes begin to pay a little?

Are you willing to stop paying those who violate our laws by being here illegally any and all benefits?

Are you ready to stop providing so much to prisoners?

Ask yourself, why has the procurement of limousines for the federal government, primarily the state department, increased some 73% since Obama came to office? Does the federal government really need 412 limousines?

BTW, the "medi-scare" tactic is not going to work. Or, did you forget the Billions of dollars to be cut with Obamacare?

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Vancouver tweaks school budget plan

So, the union isn't impressed again.

Why do we pay such union salaries and benefits and still read, "Out of 34 countries, the U.S. ranked 14th in reading, 17th in science and 25th in math?"

And, their answer? Give unions more?

For what?

FDR sure knew what he was talking about when it came to public unions.

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Murray praises river locks project as investment in economy

nailingit, it is you who has their head buried in the sand.

As I said, both parties and several past presidents [played a hand in getting us into this mess. You blame Bush for borrowing and raising the debt, then excuse Obama for doubling the debt?

I still wait for you to explain exactly how borrowing more will reduce the debt. If it is not to reduce the debt, then where is a decent limit? How many times must the debt limit be raised until you realize it is a growing problem?

As far as your little question, LOL. If I answer Sarah Palin I'm a racist. If I said Obama (perish the thought) then I'm a sexist?

I don't play those games.

Back to the point, blaming Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, Johnson, or George Washington hasn't reduced the debt one penny, has it?

What got us here is outrageous spending habits by both parties.

Now, what gets us out of it?

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Murray praises river locks project as investment in economy

Lucia, "how we got here" isn't half as important now as "how do we get out of it."

I was very disappointed with Bush's spending and not vetoing bills. The GOP is just as much responsible for getting us here as is the Dems.

That does not give us a workable plan to get out of it, though.

Crying tax the wealthy more won't do it either. There isn't enough wealth amongst all of them to equal this years deficit alone.

Historically, every time we have had any sort of revenue increase, it only resulted in increased spending. That is why I oppose any tax increase until spending is brought under control.

Raising the debt ceiling (which the house voted down today) would only give them reason to borrow and spend more and still have no way of paying any of it off.

We are the lone super power and supposedly the richest nation with the highest standard of living and yet, we are also the nation highest in debt too?

So, I'll grant you that there is enough blame to place all around for getting us here, no one has clean hands.

But, the blame game has to stop and we must begin coming up with workable solutions to get out of it if we are to remain a free nation.

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Experts turn deaf ear to cellphone-cancer study

Progressivism, the real brain drain

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Movement brews to renounce paper coffee cups

It's the principle, manthou.

Whenever a liberal doesn't like something, no one is to have it. We conservatives just don't use it and let others who wish to.

Back in the day, we called these people busy bodies, unable to keep their noses out of other peoples business.

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Murray praises river locks project as investment in economy

Lucia displays exactly what I said above, bash Bush for borrowing and not vetoing any spending bill, yet excuse Obama doubling it the same way.

LB, borrowing 10K is nowhere near on par with $14 Trillion.

How do you think you would manage trying to borrow $5 Million?

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Memorial Day service honors veterans

As much as I have always liked Country Joe's We're All Gonna Die Rag, he was as clueless as many of the commenters here.

If you didn't go, you wouldn't know.

I still wonder how it is that so many otherwise intelligent people back then to this day haven't realized they were just stooges for communist infiltrators.

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Movement brews to renounce paper coffee cups

Some people have just too much time on their hands.

Why not just go back to the community ladle at a horse trough for people to share drinking?

What next in looney la la liberal land, ban circumcisions there too because some liberal doesn't like them?

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