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Murray praises river locks project as investment in economy

Consider it *paid in full*, nailingit, for pointing out the obvious. ;-)

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Murray praises river locks project as investment in economy

No nailingit, the left's hypocrisy is screaming.

You all complain about debt increases under a Republican administration that were irresponsible and the cause of our current economic problems, then turn around and excuse doubling that amount of debt in a 2 year time period when a Democrat does it.

Debt is debt, doesn't matter who made it.

The interest alone on our national debt is eating us alive and where much of our tax dollars are going, instead of funding the very programs being complained about as needing to be reduced.

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Murray praises river locks project as investment in economy

artmaximus, controlled debt is manageable. But, going into debt well beyond your means and without showing a way to repay the debt will get you denied for any loan applied for.

Only idiots keeping asking for credit limit increases with no way possible to repay.

So tell us, since you seem to have all the answers, at what point is the debt enough? We've already exceeded $14,000,000,000,000 and instead of seeking away to begin paying it off, politicians want to increase debt?

We already have the highest external debt of any nation.

Where does it stop, when we begin carving up the nation to hand to other nations to satisfy that debt?

If increasing the debt was irresponsible of Reagan or Bush, how is doubling it by Obama responsible?

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Murray praises river locks project as investment in economy

Questions for Ms. Murray: When did going into debt become known as an "investment?"

How much debt is enough? Where does it end?

If, as stated, "it’s important to reduce the national debt," how does one borrow their way out of debt?

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In Our View: More Bricks, Mortar

Don't insult drunken sailors, Art. Even they know when they are out of money it is time to stop and return to ship.

The main fallacy of the article is evident in the sub-title, "Even in the toughest of economic times, local and area projects are ***funded by state***."

The "state" does not create any wealth, it takes it from citizens in the form of taxes and fees.

It is struggling taxpayers funding all of the out of control spending we continue to see, like it or not.

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All together now: ‘Thanks, Florida!’

Even Californians are beginning to open their eyes to this Obama madness that Laird ignores.

[**Off the California Rails**][1] *Even West Coast liberals are doubting the high-speed train to nowhere*.

"Even some of the state's Democrats are protesting the Administration's mulishness. Democratic state senator Alan Lowenthal told the Los Angeles Times that 'there is nothing in the letter saying the federal government would commit $17 billion to $19 billion for the project . . . If it had, we would build the Central Valley segment right now. But the state needs to be financially and fiscally responsible'."

[1]: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001...

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Environmental hazards remain after Joplin tornado

Wake up, Allen. Who is always ready to ban anything someone claims is hazardous?

What disaster that causes such destruction doesn't leave some form of environmental hazard behind? Do we really need to be told what should be common sense?

I grew up in South Florida and experienced a few hurricanes and not once did we sit around wondering what to do or when will government be there to help us out. We made sure our neighbors were okay then all pulled together to clean up and help each other out.

If we smelled gas, we didn't go look for a newspaper to inform us it was dangerous and needed to be avoided because it was a hazard.

Do you have a cell phone? Are you ready to give it up too because someone now lists them as a hazardous carcinogen, right alongside DDT and car exhaust?

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Letter: Democrat tactics revealed again

Don't ever forget, it was a Democrat administration that felt the need to imprison American citizens they thought might oppose them during WW2 an steal their property.

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Letter: Never forget treatment of citizens

A lesson to be learned from this, a **Democrat administration** felt the need to imprison those they thought might oppose their efforts.

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Environmental hazards remain after Joplin tornado

Will Democrats now write legislation banning tornadoes as an environmental hazard and a pollutant?

*rolling eyes*

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