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Sheriff's Office commander succumbs to brain cancer

Mike was a great person. May God comfort his wife Erin, his children, family and friends. Our community lost a good man yesterday.

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Vancouver should annex Hazel Dell

mrd - The Red Robin's are located in the city limits. The County Sheriff participates while VPD will not help out.

They are building a Buffalo Wild Wings and 5 Guys Burgers just went in among a few others. I hope the restaurant trend continues.

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In the end, health care bill wins Baird’s vote

Glad you are going Baird. Don't let the door hit you in the A**.

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Health care reform passes

7 more months until the 60's radical crazies are sent packing. Not a day too soon.

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With the never-ending health care story coming to a close - maybe - U.S. Rep. Brian Baird should:

Anti American rally Ace? There is nothing more American than exercising your right to dissent. Oh wait, I guess for you it's pro-American only if you are a Progressive. If not, it's anti-American according to your brilliant analysis.

What a hypocritical comment.

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Police log: Big bag of marijuana found

ttmack - Sounds more like an addiction.

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Police log: Big bag of marijuana found

I love that the pot head got too high and left his large back of illegal drugs on the corner. Nice one dude.

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Fire Inspection fees going unpaid

Interesting article. The same thing will happen when you over tax the rich. They simply move their money to avoid the tax. Spending must be slashed and taxes cut. Only then can an economy thrive.

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House approves tax increases

I get what you are saying about the wages LB. I just think the Unions often times place a stranglehold on the companies. They become unreasonable and greedy just as the corporations sometimes do.

NAFTA was a terrible idea from the start.

We are in complete agreement about the taxing. You can only milk that cow so much.

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House approves tax increases

The unions are full of greed, not the union workers and the corporations provide the means to employ people, Mrs. T.

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