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I’m guilty of loving baseball

Lou, I appreciate you expanding the topic to government subsidies...

I'm a Liberal - I believe subsidies work. A "lower tax rate" is a great subsidy to bring business into the community. If "lower tax rate" worked for baseball, it'd be a no-brainer for me.

Some Government incentives work better than others - explicit tax increases for questionable projects is a toughie.

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I’m guilty of loving baseball

I don't understand people who argue against democracy?

Honestly, I'd love to have a nuanced discussion about your concerns - please post to my "Editorials" forum at

I will reiterate: for highly discretionary spending (especially involving tax increases) there should be a public vote. Otherwise, the Commissioners are working out fine.

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I’m guilty of loving baseball

The weakness of a "Republic" is that only a small group of people need be prostituted by Special Interests to distort the political process. Republics are simply the most workable form of ancient democracy - but this is MODERN times.

Plus, are you arguing that a local municipality is equivalent to a Republic?

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I’m guilty of loving baseball

This argument keeps tripping on political rhetoric: socialism, public good, ...

It takes extreme hubris and arrogance for one person, or even a dozen people, to unilaterally impose a tax without representation. Let us VOTE!

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I’m guilty of loving baseball

Mike Briggs said:
"It is not practical to have a public vote on every single item of interest for the public"

Yeah, I agree, Mike, ONLY TAX ISSUES!

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I’m guilty of loving baseball

I hate baseball. In fact, most of the people I know hate baseball. However, if Clark County votes for baseball, I'll live with it.

WHAT?! There isn't going to be a vote?!! (No wonder most people distrust Government.)

Lou, I'm glad you love baseball. Perhaps, people who like baseball should be taxed? Tax Little League. Tax sports stores and gyms. Tax yourselves.

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Boldt, Stuart reject call for advisory vote on CRC

"Advisory" votes are a waste of money. The RTC has jurisdiction of CRC. Stuart and Boldt are on the RTC Board. Here are the rest. Lots of familiar names... Simply count the "fors" and "againsts" yourself.

Nancy Baker, Port of Vancouver Commissioner
Marc Boldt, Clark County Commissioner
Rex Burkholder, Metro Councilor
Jack Burkman, Vancouver Council Member
Molly Coston, Washougal Council Member
Bill Ganley, Battle Ground Council Member
Jeff Hamm, C-TRAN Executive Director
Tim Leavitt, Vancouver City Mayor
Tom Mielke, Clark County Commissioner
Steve Stuart, Clark County Commissioner
Don Wagner, WSDOT Regional Administrator
Paul Pearce, Skamania County Commissioner
David Poucher, White Salmon Mayor
Jason Tell, ODOT Region One Manager
Jim Honeyford, Senator 15th District:
Bruce Chandler, Representative 15th District:
David Taylor, Representative 15th District
Don Benton, Senator 17th District
Tim Probst, Representative 17th District
Paul Harris, Representative 17th District
Joe Zarelli, Senator 18th District
Ed Orcutt, Representative 18th District
Ann Rivers, Representative 18th District
Craig Pridemore, Senator 49th District
Jim Moeller, Representative 49th District

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Breach suspected at troubled Japanese power plant

I remember "duck and cover." All of us 2nd graders would lock our hands behind our necks and hide under our desks, then stupendously ill-conceived "safety counselors" would explain why the B&W films we watched of people rotting from the inside from nuclear radiation would not happen to us. Talk about traumatizing an entire generation of Americans. These sensational but baseless news stories are testament of that idoicy.

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Breach suspected at troubled Japanese power plant

Has there been a death from anything to do with this nuclear threat yet? I can't really tell from the hysterical news reporting.

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Has the U.S. become too involved in the internal Libya conflict?


(Is that too hard to understand?)

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