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Shootings spur local woman to share tale

Thank you for your comments Susang and Glenna.

And thank you, getthefacts, for the information.

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I think they didn't have enough to say about what was going on yet, so "cold" seemed good. It's on my street. They're still out there.

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Shootings spur local woman to share tale

Thanks for asking PegoMan -- I don't think to mention this because it's such a non-issue. Stew was not a drug user. The most he could be accused of is an occasional beer, if it were a good beer. He'd never even been drunk. And once he started on his meds, never even that. He was a Pepsi man, through and through. I don't think there's any link between Pepsi and psychosis.

Of course, he was tried on a variety of pharmaceutical drugs when he became ill, but that's not at all what you're asking, is it?

No, drug usage was not a problem.

Monique Colver

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Cascade Park: Vancouver police dog Dakota

Help raise funds for Dakota's memorial plaque and join his FB page:

An account has been set up at iQ Credit Union in Vancouver under "Dakota Memorial."

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