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Teen shot at Hazel Dell apartment complex

Hazeldell isn't what it used to be. I grew up in the Lakeshore area and Hazeldell was my ol stomping grounds. It's when Keil's Grocery and the Americana was still alive.

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Expect a cold, wet winter ahead, experts say

OMG and so it starts...........

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No subject,
How did you get your photo to appear on your comments?


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Gunman shoots pregnant sister, deputy, then kills himself

Seems like a lot of posters have ALL the answers, but when it comes to solving the problems they just turn the other way. Why can't credit be given when credit is deserved. PEOPLE this could have turned into one heck of a nightmare!
Congrats for the CCSO & VPD for ending this situation in the CORRECT manner..............
Uranus and wifemomma...take your discussions elsewhere!

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Lawyer charged with stealing hundreds of thousands from clients

Hey George...............let me give you a little "advise". DON'T USE YOUR LAST NAME WHEN RESPONDING ABOUT "OTHER" LAWYERS.
It gives us all a sour feeling!

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Lawyer charged with stealing hundreds of thousands from clients

Kolin where does it say anything about Golik?
I think your mad because Wynne hired Yoseph for representation rather than you.

Wynne's partners should be investigated too...............this doesn't sound good!

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Boy, 2, run over in Yacolt

Talk about being resilient

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Gun rights supporter brings message to county commissioners


”A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” — Second Amendment to the United States Constitution

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Hockinson collision results in injuries

Wait a minute...........Isn't that sign in the background in the right-of-way?

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Wind not sole answer to power needs

**To the Editor**
The wind farms DO NOT start at The Dalles thanks to the Gorge Commission.
They start along the Columbia river on the Washington side at the mouth of the Deschutes and just above the hills in Rufus along the Oregon side.
Heaven forbid they be viewed from and spoil the scenic gorge!
Being a business owner in this area I see a different type of Green $$$$

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