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Open Forum, Aug. 15-21

And Larimer is back on the FB side. Can't say that I missed him, and can say that his rants sicken me! More hateful, racist dribble. Same old, same old.

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Open Forum, Aug. 8-14

Love it! The poll on has Ron Paul the winner of the Republican debate, hands down with over 16,000 votes. Even Gingrich (ugh) beat Romney and Bachmann. Cain did too!

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Open Forum, Aug. 1-7

ELISI - friend just posted today that the Dept. of Defense spent $22.5 Billion in 2009 on rust removal and prevention! Total cost of Canadian military $21 Billion. We spent more than Canada on rust alone! (
We need to cut spending, but like a good surgeon, a scalpel would work much better than a chainsaw! This Congress does not come equipped with the right tools!

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Open Forum, July 25-31

hawkeye - didn't today's Boehner plan somewhat "kick the can down the road", too? You know, the one she voted for? And her vote in May, didn't that include some changes to Social Security? Maybe my memory is failing me...

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Open Forum, July 25-31

Sorry, I should have put that in "quotes". Her "first", was that she would not vote to raise taxes.

I wonder how the Tea Party rally people that went to her office yesterday feel about her SS statement? The group that attended on Monday was there to protest messing with Social Security or Medicare.

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Open Forum, July 25-31

hawkeye @ 1:12 - now, we will watch and see how Mrs. Jaime actually votes!

from her response: Second, the deal must protect Social Security from cuts. Social Security has not driven our debt, and I will not support a debt ceiling deal that makes cuts to Social Security in order to cover for overspending in other areas. Every month of our working lives our pay stubs show the dollar amount we hand to the government for Social Security, with a promise it will be there for us when we retire. I'll always vote to make sure the U.S. keeps this promise no matter what kind of mess politicians in DC are making. Social Security is not a spending account for politicians' whims.

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Open Forum, July 25-31

hawkeye - hubby and I have been screaming the same thing, tweak the bill to get a few Dem's on board... but that would have been too sensible for this dysfunctional sitting Congress! That would involve that word that is so against their grain - compromise!

goldenoldie - love your description of such a peaceful time-out! We all need these. For me, mom still lives on the place that I grew up on in Hockinson, and a short walk down to the creek, smell of wild mint and sitting and watching the water go by does it!

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Open Forum, July 25-31

Allen - one only needs to read the article from yesterday regarding the county budget "shortfalls" to realize that their public/private investments have not been wise choices. I don't remember if the Chelatchie Prairie Railroad was on there, but that's another one, plus the Lewis River Golf Course or whatever.

We were told at the rally at Herrera's office on Tuesday that the first rally had about 3 people attending. We had about 50 this time (and no, we were NOT all members of as the Columbian stated). I hope that we will see more turnout on important issues, at all levels of government. I have been actively calling and e-mailing for quite some time. I get e-mails from both the Dems and Republicans, plus many other groups. I like to know how they all are voting, it helps me to decide where my own vote lands.

As more groups like American Legislative Exchange Council are exposed and we find out who is actually penning our legislation and who's interest it is serving, I am hoping more do get involved and "take back" the USA from those that have truly hi-jacked our government!

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Open Forum, July 25-31

goldenoldie - I think Sarah Palin is very much involved with current "political tickets". Maybe not her own, yet, but she is in the media quite often telling us that the danger of default is not real, reminding us that is time to reload, or making up another history lesson for us. If she would go to Alaska (or I guess now AZ as they have purchased a home there) and fade into the crowd until deciding to pursue an office we would not be talking about her, I feel.

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Open Forum, July 25-31

manthou - I believe it is the person with the biggest corporate backing, thanks to Citizens United. I don't think you really have to be wealthy anymore, just tow the corporate/ALEC approved line and you'll be rolling in campaign cash!

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