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Open Forum, July 25-31

and the poor Nike CEO's salary was reduced to only $11 million this year. Boo hoo...

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Open Forum, July 25-31

Allen, very well said. Yes, we are entitled to our opinions, and I very much respect that. Bobbo just seemed to be in constant attack mode, he didn't really try to understand, discuss, let alone respect, someone else's view. IMO.

frobert - it was only a few months ago that I had even HEARD of Ayn Rand. I think my googling of the name came from seeing the name a few times on these comment boards and news media! So much for my lack of education in the realm of philosophy! No, I'm sure I'll never bother reading any of her works.

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Open Forum, July 25-31

frobert - that is quite a broad-brush description of "convervative" vs. "social conservative". Do you think that the "conservative", then, is the follower of Ayn Rand, all for me and heck with the rest? (I believe Ayn Rand was an athiest, or strong agnostic at the least). There seems to be a strong resurection of the Ayn Rand philosphy.

I actually lean toward thinking that *most* people are a little bit of conservative, liberal and libertarian. I think most people base their opinion on issues, rather than someones "check the box".

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Open Forum, July 25-31

by the way, who is "TCB"? Not sure what that stands for, assuming it is Larimer?

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Open Forum, July 25-31

frobert - ever attend the great dances at Holcomb's? Paul Revere and the Raiders, The Kingsmen, The Wailers, The Marquis? And then there's KISN radio, Roger Hart and Tiger Tom Murphy? Been way too many years!

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Open Forum, July 25-31

frobert - sure do! The good old days! Loved it! Graduated in 1966 from BGHS and it was the thing to do! Burgerville, DQ and Spics!

Allen - not sure, I did not see his diatribe, just read the article re: his name calling by a subsequent commenter. It was on the Clark County Budget shortfall article. I did not see his name/comment and then noticed that his postings on other articles that I had read were also gone.

I agree, his method of spreading the Good Word was certainly not my choice, or that of most Christians that I respect. Way too much hatred and name calling. (Which I, myself have to do better to refrain from... a work in progress!)

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Open Forum, July 25-31

ok, anyone, I'm confused. Herrera-Buetler voted to restore funding for listing endangered species (quote from article: "Herrera Beutler released a statement saying, “The Endangered Species Act needs to be reviewed by Congress to make sure federal agencies are using the best science in their species listing decisions, but completely prohibiting the listing of new species as endangered was not the right approach. Congress must make balanced decisions to protect species from irreversible extinction.”

I commend her for that, certainly!

However, she also voted a few days ago to gut the "Clean Water Act" that has protected our waterways for 40 years.

Does that mean after the fish die from the pollution she agrees with paying for them to get put on the endangered list?

Yes, I may sound sarcastic and it is intended. Seems to be a conflict of some sort here.

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Open Forum, July 25-31

I'm reading that he was involved in contemporary Christian music since leaving the band in 1977. He also had a book published, "An American Band - The America Story".

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Open Forum, July 25-31

Yes, sad... great songs. Too young, wonder what happened?

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Open Forum, July 25-31

looks like ALL of his comments have been removed, all articles. Better late than never! Hope he doesn't show up in the "basement", but if so, I'm sure we will know him immediately!

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