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Open Forum, Oct. 10-16

Is that an ad homonym or ad hominem attack? I can't tell.

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Open Forum, Oct. 10-16

Since everyone is doing links today, thought I would share a funny one from The Daily 'Couve. It's about Columbian comment-errs...

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Open Forum, Oct. 3-9

nailingit @ 10:04

guillotine - head - hell

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Open Forum, Sept. 19 - 25

"holistic medicine" lmao!!

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Open Forum, Sept. 19 - 25

I would like Buffet to pay for my Netflix, errrr Qwikster subscription.

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Open Forum, Sept. 19 - 25

Plagiarism (noun): cutting and pasting entire passages of wikipedia and not crediting your source, thereby pretending that you know many things that you do not, in reality, know. See also Wikigurgitator

Wikigurgitator (noun): a person who spends a significant amount of time reading Wikipedia in order to use the information attained to sound like a specialist in the subject in a later conversation.

*That boy is a wikigurgitator. He doesn't know anything about the Beat Generation, he just read about Kerouac, Ginsberg and Burroughs on Wikipedia.*

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Open Forum, Sept. 5 - 11

They are really that out of touch. Refer to previous conversation re: elitists. They truly do not care what the average person thinks, needs, wants, etc. They can't even conceive of it...

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Open Forum, Aug. 29 - Sept. 4

Let me begin by saying I am not a particular fan of Lady Gaga (aka a Little Monster). However, I wonder if some who commented here understand irony, sarcasm, artistic expression? She was trying to make a point (ie. Male video of the year, Female video of the year, etc.) that she finds gender differentiation in music pointless and why can't the artists compete on equal footing, etc.

Was her delivery so subtle that you did not understand her point possibly? Hard to fathom.

This may come as a shock to some but besides attempting to make a point, she was also making what some refer to as a "joke". Tough to gather, I know.

Anyway, as for being a "skank" not sure what that has to do with the music. LOTS of musicians and other artists are sleeping around and this has been true for (well, ever I guess). So Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, etc were not known for their fidelity either; does that make them bad artists? What about men who sing and dance and "gasp" dress scantily and have sex!

I'm sure you will all either a.) understand and finally grasp her point, or b.) get offended and flip out as usual.

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Open Forum, Aug. 22-28

Good morning everyone. Does anyone know why people with last names like Forkidzsafety are allowed to keep posting on the facebook side? Please don't tell me that is Swedish or Norwegian.

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