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East Clark County forges new economic development group

Can anybody READ? He's quitting as mayor, therefore no conflict.

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Clark County wetland bank clears final hurdle

Ray Menlo, you're wrong. Again.

Read the article. The city is buying wetland credits at the new wetland mitigation bank at the old Riefner farm to REPLACE a failed wetland mitigation site at hwy 14 and 192nd (aka your "stinkin rock quarry"). Once it failed, and it sounds like the failure was from whomever built it before it was even annexed into the city, the city legally HAS to replace that function.

Or you can just keep blaming Mayor Leavitt, I'm sure it's all his fault somehow, right? Some sort of "liberal conspiracy"?

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Vancouver police seeks 10 new officers

This makes no sense, I hope there's an article coming later to clear this up. Are they using the money to hire new cops? Or are they using the money to retain officers and avoid layoffs? Is this hiring related to the 2009 COPS grant, or has there been a 2011 COPS grant?

Please clarify.

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Commissioners give tentative OK to 911 tax increase

there, not their

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Commissioners give tentative OK to 911 tax increase

There's the makings of a funny cartoon or tshirt here.

Picture a guy, laying their dying of a heart attack, thinking "sure glad I saved that 20 cents a month..."

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Portland transit agency says security increased

So TRI-MET increases security when Bin Laden gets whacked half a world away, but doesn't increase security when people IN Portland, ON the Max, get stabbed repeatedly?


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Bart Hansen will run to retain Vancouver council seat

Bart seems like a sharp guy, and I'm impressed with his performance to date.

Bob, those are some great questions, and I look forward to you asking him those during the campaign and hearing his responses.

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Economic development council chief to resign

Best wishes to Bart for his future, and thanks for all his work over the last 11 years. Now the CREDC has a monumental task of filling that spot, with the kind of person that can lead that organization forward. Can the CREDC even articulate what they'd like to do the same or differently, or what qualities the next president will possess? We will see.

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Readers revved up over exonerated man’s plight buy him a car

Yes indeed, Good Luck and Best Wishes Alan! :-)

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/guidelines/ -- Community discussion guidelines

What about privacy? I've read your privacy policy, and nothing seems to protect us from you "outing" us anonymous users. Between our email addresses and ip addresses, the Columbian COULD use that information to identify us and release that information to the world.

If I posted some comment about Company X, and you found out that I worked for Company X, you COULD use that information in a story. Or if I mention a complaint that I have with the City of X Police Department, you COULD publish our info and make us subject to retaliation.

I understand that just because you COULD do something doesn't mean you WOULD, but it would be nice if you built in some sort of protections for your user's anonymity into your privacy policy.

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