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Private donors boost new food bank warehouse

Old city hall isn't set up to be a food distribution warehouse, with loading docks for trucks, high ceilings, cement floors for forklifts, etc. It's the kind of building that's totally unfit for such a use. Plus, the city is broke, and is in no position to be giving away a valuable downtown building.

Congrats to everyone involved, this is a great project! Glad it all came together.

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Cat saved from burnt building still recovering

Bob Albrecht, is the owner going to face a vet bill for all this? JDAWG is right, that might be the reason for the delay in coming forward. You would also think neighbors might recognize the cat and identify the owner.

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Swimming area to remain unguarded

Zebrablue, they haven't hired any such person. You're most likely confusing them with the City of Vancouver.

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Apartments may replace Burgerville

Nice! Looks like an attractive project that will breathe some more life into downtown Vancouver.

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Tax day demonstration targets Bank of America

That would be pretty cool if they closed the tax loopholes.

From Forbes Magazine, where they analyzed B of A:

*How did Bank of America not pay any taxes on $4.4 billion in income? Because of deductions like $860 million in tax-exempt income, $670 million in low-income housing credits and a $600 million loss on shares of foreign subsidiaries. With a provision for credit losses of $49 billion, Bank of America probably won’t be paying taxes for a long time.*

I know one person's loophole is another's legitimate cause. For me, I'd be willing to give up my mortgage interest deduction and my deduction for giving stuff to Goodwill, if it meant a fairer tax code for all. No non-workers getting a $4K tax refund for an Earned Income Credit on money they never earned, and no B of A getting off SCOTT FREE without paying taxes.

Fairness for everybody, and special treatment for nobody (rich or poor).

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Port seeks funds to improve vacant building


Because our State Constitution says that's how we run ports here. Don't like it, change the constitution.

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Obama prevents budget cuts to favorite programs

Shocking! /sarcasm off

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State Rep. Jacks resigns

Craig Sayre, why on earth would Commissioner Stuart take a $70K/yr pay cut for a lousy job like that?

I can't see the council members trying for the vacancy appointment, mostly because the older folks wouldn't want a job that required them to move for months at a time for such low pay

Smith: too old
Stewart: wrong party
Burkman: wrong legislative district
Campbell: too eccentric
Hansen: maybe, don't know his politics
Harris: too famous for gaveling down
Mayor Leavitt: incompatible with his day job/low pay

The only obvious candidate I can think of to fill the vacancy is Temple Lentz, but the old-school "establishment" Democrats may not forgive her for working to unseat their Mayor, Royce Pollard.


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Rebuilding the Artillery Barracks

Agreed. They need old tanks, or old artillery pieces, or something like that. Think of the museum at Ft. many people see the collection of old tanks from the freeway and decide to stop in and check it out?

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Vancouver mayor takes citizen communication to the Net


And the score at 8:20 AM stands at:

JohnK 1, Local Bazillionaire 0

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