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Open Forum, July 4-10

hawkeye — July 6, 2011 at 3:18 p.m--
HA! I've seen those people out at my grocery stores the last few weeks.
DUDE: Excuse me, are you a registered voter?
ME: Yep
DUDE: Could you help me out with something?
ME: What?? What do you want me to sign? (Looking at tablet)
DUDE: I was hoping that you could sign this to help pass a law allowing liquor (points to store) sales in grocery stores, etc....
ME: (thinking to myself) Didn't this get voted against last year?
DUDE: Yea, (then all I hear is blah, blah, blah...education etc etc)
ME: NO, I voted against it and I don't sign for anything I don't research first in the first place. In addition, why would I want to sign for something to get back on the ballot that was voted down in the first place? No thanks.

He got kind of a messed up look on his face, like HOW dare you want to research?! UGH! These people drive me nuts. Anything EYEMAN brings up is nuts. However, they are fun to poke and make them think while their trying to convince you to sign something you have no idea about. Then, when it comes time to vote, I'm guessing a good chunk of the people don't actually research and reflect on what the proposed bill is about and what is all entailed and how it'll be funded, etc.

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Open Forum, June 7-12

vancouvernative1975 — June 9, 2011 at 12:59 p.m.---special olympics?? Have no clue. It's the only bling he owns?

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Open Forum, June 7-12

I have a FB account, but I'm not willing to share my vast inside knowledge bank of all things local gov't with those who will just pretend that I don't know what I'm talking about; in addition to spreading my name around like wildfire, thus putting my job at risk. So neener neener. I'll share with those who will appreciate it.

Anyhow, I'd like to comment on the article about the Value motel. I would like to see it bull dozed or something of that nature. It doesn't help our (Vancouver) apperance or image any by having a run down roach motel just off the interstate. Obviously, the person who was told to bring it to code, doesn't give a rats rear end. I'd also like to point out that the ones who cry for Gov't to do something aout it, seem oddly simillar to the ones who want gov't to butt out of everything. Pick a stance and stay with it, sheesh!

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An Open Forum for Political Discussion

Wassup peeps! I found you..ha! I've been asked (more like drilled into my skull) by the spouse not to do the whole FB thing, so here I am. Just have to say that even though we all have our own political differences, at least it's "fun"-ish to read everyone's thoughts. SO lets keep on keepin' on.

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Police looking for juvenile in east Vancouver

....I wanna put an APB out on a white car in the east County area....no further details ....thanks....

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Parade will temporarily force closure of I-5 exit

You're little whine at me to my email shows your childish potty mouth hasn't grown up at all....again...boohoo!

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Drowned Vancouver couple had been drinking

Why is it going to the attorneys office for review...who's there to prosecute? They're deceased!

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Obama in Ireland to reaffirm 'bonds of affection'

Do you people who whine about Medicare and the retirement age, ever think that maybe the age went up due to increased life expectancy? People are living longer and longer due to preventative primary care. Look in the past how old people were living back in the 1700s until today...the further we come in medical advances and scientific technology the longer people are living. Just saying.

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Parade will temporarily force closure of I-5 exit

Boo hoo....doesn't look like someone was allowed into the parade in their baby years....whaah. Get over yourself.

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I-5 reopens after overturned trailer blocked traffic

At 4:00pm: I don't see anything in this article that says the four car accident was CAUSED by the bridge lift. I think that the bridge lift was AROUND (same word used in the article) same same time as the accidents...I think it's a co-winkie dink?

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