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Now that they’re tackling the Highway 500/St. Johns Road interchange, what should the next road project be?

Bike lanes; an easy bike path parallel to I-205 that easily connects in with the bridge; anything to make the area more bicycle-friendly. I would be willing to pay a small annual bicycle license fee to support these projects. Bike lanes and pathways are far less expensive to build and maintain than are roads and freeways, and there is less pollution.

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Memorial Day services around the county

I cringed this past week when I was in a supermarket, and their in-store announcement/music system proclaimed Memorial Day to be "one of the most joyous times of the year," telling shoppers how they can get what they needed for their festivities at their store. Joyous?? WT**??

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A bear comes visiting in backyard

The more we sprawl into their habitat, the more they are going to be in our back yards, because we are in *their* back yards.

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Gas tanks are draining family budgets

Bicycle + trailer = easy fuel savings, plus you can carry your groceries. Get your workout in too. And an excuse for eating a little more of your favorite healthy goodies, since you are now fueling human power instead of supporting foreign oil conglomerates. Pedal, pedal, pedal. If it rains? Find something to duck under, you aren't going to melt.

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Tapes reveal last moments of doomed Air France flight

How frightening that must have been for all on board. Any of us who have flown know in the back of our minds that the marvel of flight depends on a delicate balance of forces. If any of those go awry - well, there's 35,000 or so feet between us and the deep blue sea. Fortunately, the vast majority of flights arrive at their destinations safe and sound. I have the greatest respect for those who are at the controls of these beheamoths of travel; the lives of hundreds of people are in their hands.

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Weather: 100 percent chance of rain today

I think all 100% of it fell between Jantzen Beach and Orchards this afternoon. And there's still more coming down.

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Food handlers can get online certification

The thing is, the material covered is very basic. Anybody who works with food should know to do certain things. (Oops, not necessarily, I guess.) Keep hot foods hot, cold foods cold. Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, then wash your hands. Wash your hands after using the restroom or touching bare body parts. Wear gloves when handling ready-to-serve food. Don't work if you're sick. Store leaky things that involve meats below things that don't involve meats. Separate cutting boards for raw meats and produce. Sanitize cutting boards and utensils with a dilute bleach solution. Put hot leftover foods into a shallow pan, and refrigerate promptly. There, you have the course in a nutshell, save yourself some time. Unfortunately I have known people with food handler cards who do not follow these practices at home.

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Food handlers can get online certification

This is a program whose time has come. When I was last in to renew my card, indeed parking was an issue. As I went through the process, I wondered why we couldn't just do this online from home.

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It didn’t rain on parade; week will be wet and dry

Let me guess, Pat - the dry days are mid-week, and the wet days are more toward the weekend, right? lol

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Portland man dies after falling during Gorge hike

There are very strong warning signs there: "Don't climb on the log jam!" Alas, the temptation of the gorge draws many to disobey those signs. Most survive, but that doesn't mean it's a good idea. "Been there, done that."

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