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Judgment Day Saturday? How about a party instead?

Sorry, I'm going to have to miss Judgment Day. I have to work. But I'll be around for the post-Rapture parties! Should be great once we have the world to ourselves, us poor sinning heathens!

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Seat belt crackdown planned

The thing is, if they are going to do special emphasis on anything, it's the cell phone use while driving that needs to be looked at. Today I almost got hit by a driver who was talking on his cell phone. Yes, non-use of seat belts increases risk of injury and death - but only to that person. The use of cell phones while driving increases the risk of injury and death to the occupants of other vehicles.

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Police on lookout for cyclists without helmets

Orion: You nailed that one! How many bicycle accidents make the news? Plus the speed that you're going doesn't make one as prone to serious injuries, although you do have nothing between you and the pavement if something goes awry. I do wear a helmet while biking. I feel safer, and it keeps the rain off my head. :)

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UPDATE: One dead, another pulled from river after I-5 crash

It doesn't say what time this happened, but it looks like it was dark. Driving these freeways at night is very risky. If your vehicle breaks down, you can get into trouble fast. I agree - traffic is too fast on them. But there are no alternatives that get you through to your destination.

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Medicare, Social Security in nosedive from economy

Part of the solution: increase (or eliminate entirely) the income limit on which the social security taxes are collected. If we eliminate the upper limit, we could raise the level of income at the lower end of the spectrum on which the self-employment tax is imposed, perhaps to 185% of poverty level. A lot of employers are moving their employees to "Independent Contractor" status. Once that happens, the employers no longer pay the employers' share of the self-employment taxes, and no longer do withholding on the earnings of the IC. This becomes a huge financial hardship on those who are often living "hand-to-mouth," because, unlike income taxes, you can only reduce the self-employment taxes by writing off more expenses. You can't offset your self-employment tax liability by applying your standard deduction, for example. And, given the choice between paying the taxes and keeping the lights on and food on the table, guess what doesn't get paid.

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Gingrich, with experience and baggage, to join 2012 race

jollie, I don't have time to get into things today, so I'm not biting on your comment bait, plus it's off-topic. Just suffice it to say that he has sold out, caved in, to the special corporate interests, and he gave away the store so to speak to the GOP on the budget without getting much in return.

I've got work to do, so I'm outta here. Have fun at the circus!

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Gingrich, with experience and baggage, to join 2012 race

Yep, Send in the Clowns...Newt, Sarah, The Donald, who else? Should be rather entertaining, except this is the American presidency that we're talking about. Obama has been a huge disappointment, but the GOP can't seem to find anybody of a caliber to seriously contend for the office, nor do I expect the Democratic party to offer up a serious alternative. Third-party candidate?

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Gingrich, with experience and baggage, to join 2012 race

Let the circus begin!

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School bus service in Clark County: Wheels of fortune?

Another suggestion: would it be possible to allow the tax-paying public to hitch a ride on these buses, paying the appropriate fare? For example: If Ms. Jane Doblinski out in Hockinson has a job in Vancouver, and the school bus goes past her house at a certain time, and she knows that it arrives at Prairie HS 10 minutes before the C-Tran bus 7 goes past that school. She could pay for a monthly pass (or use her C-Tran pass?) on that school bus to transport her to connect to that bus 7. School kids could also use a reciprocal fare pass (between the school district and C-Tran) for transportation on both systems. OR figure out a way for C-Tran to expand their routes, again in partnership with the school district, to serve both needs. Expand transit service for citizens while providing school transportation for students. As fuel prices continue to be high, if there is efficient transit service available, more people would likely ride transit.

Another thought: improve the roads, providing safe bike/pedestrian trails, to reduce the hazards for students who must walk/bike to school. Again this would have benefits both for the students and for the citizens who wish to walk/bike to work, shopping, etc.

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Portland transit agency says security increased

I agree, GO. I rode MAX Yellow Line recently, and fare inspectors boarded at Lombard. This is the first time in a long while that I've seen fare inspectors. Long overdue.

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