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Vancouver opens tap to help on water bills

But for every person who you see abusing the system and misusing benefits, there are many others, especially seniors, who could use the help. Thank you to the city for establishing a program similar to the energy assistance program.

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AAA: Average price of gas in Washington $4.01

Got the bicycle out, made sure it was all ready to go mechanically. Alternative to higher priced fuels: pedal, pedal, pedal. Thumb my nose as I pedal past the gas station. Pedal, pedal, pedal. Helps keep those medical costs down as well. A couple of bags to hook onto the back for my groceries, a good helmet.

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William, Kate to postpone royal honeymoon

Fedup: Thank you for the link. From there you can see the wedding photos, and commentary about why this marriage is likely to last longer than Charles and Diana's did. Beautiful photos. Kate/Catherine was a beautiful bride yesterday, looking downright regal. This is a couple very much in love with each other.

In this day and age, people don't flinch anymore when a couple has been living together prior to marriage. They had a chance to get to know each other prior to making a long-term commitment, and she had a chance to become introduced to living in the proverbial fishbowl. Contrary to Diana, who was thrown into the shark-infested waters rather rapidly, with a prince of a husband who admitted later that all of the time he was in love with somebody else, and we saw what happened with her. How many of us could handle such a sudden loss of privacy, the constant intrusion into our daily personal lives, and the public gossip as the truth about our mate's affections emerged?

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Americans wake before dawn to watch royal wedding

theone: are you one of those who hollers every summer about the right of "patriotic" Clark County residents to aimlessly set off firewords night after night? At least these wedding celebrations (this side of the pond) aren't bothering the neighbors. If you aren't interested in the royals, then tune it all out, do something else. Easier than tuning out fireworks.

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Britain celebrates monarchy as Kate, William wed

Pharoh, how many Americans are obsessed with our own royalty: film stars, professional ball players, and, yes, shallow reality shows? I dare say that I'd rather follow UK royalty. At least they seem to be real people behind the pomp and ceremony.

William and Kate are a lovely couple, and I wish them well.

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Britain celebrates monarchy as Kate, William wed

The British people actually make money off the royals.

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Britain celebrates monarchy as Kate, William wed

The horses drawing their carriage weren't white, they are Windsor Grays. We once toured the Royal Mews where they keep the carriages and horses.

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Private donors boost new food bank warehouse

Thank you, zebrablue.

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Private donors boost new food bank warehouse

Alleycat, I sincerely hope that you are never in a position where you need to rely on charity to feed yourself or your family. I expect that many people who patronize the food banks are not there because they *want* to be there, they are there because they *must* be there. (Although I have seen some exceptions, and I don't think they are "illegals" nor of the ethnic background that some on here accuse of "milking the system." There *is* a certain amount of abuse of the generosity of others.)

I once gave generously to my local food banks and food drives. I delighted in shopping for a few extra things to give away. High-protein foods, quick and easy meals, infant formula. Now...I patronize where I once gave. I work, but do not bring in enough some months to keep food on the table.

On behalf of those of us who are playing the game by the rules (i.e. work for a living, stay clean and sober, aren't greedy, etc.), I thank all of those who have generously supported the food banks in our area. Your donations of healthy foods are appreciated. With the new distribution center, hopefully we will see much more badly-needed fresh produce in the food banks.

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