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Open forum, June 30-July 6

Hawk - You can find those details on the SCOTUS web-site/blog. I like to go to the source in order to cut out the spin,.
Nail! I love Battle Star Galactica. If only you could invite Dwight over! Hopefully you are an office fan and know what i'm referring to . :)

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Open forum, June 30-July 6

Sweeping statements are running wild in the Hobby Lobby ruling. I am a woman and I guarantee you that this ruling in no way changes any of my rights to obtain birth control. Hobby Lobby currently and will continue to pay for 16 out of the 20 approved drugs by the Food and Drug Admin. The four types Hobby Lobby was objecting to are the types that end life after conception. These four types they don't cover are easy to obtain and very affordable. The Greens are sole owners of their family business. Having the government demand they pay for and furnish an abortion pill violates there religious convictions. They do not object to birth control and have provided it free of charge for years. Listening to people speak on various news programs, you would think that there will soon be an emergency of pregnant women who can't get birth control. Truth is, they can get birth control pills for about $10.00 per month, even without insurance. To force a private business to purchase abortion pills violates the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993, which says the government cannot place burdens on the exercise of freedom of religion. The law says if a woman chooses to abort a child either by pill or operation, they have the right to do that.. to expect people of faith to pay for it is wrong.

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Open forum, June 9-15

Nail - Maybe on the whole, we'd be better off with an agreeable 'agree to disagree' approach in our state and national political discourse.

nailingit — June 11, 2014 at 4:34 p.m

I agree with you 100%
We may not agree on everything but I'm very glad you are always here. :)

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Open forum, June 9-15

Nail - I get what you are saying.. I just see it different. In my opinion, it's like the religion crazy that kills in the name of God. (Christian, Muslim, etc.) They distort the religion as a means to act out their insanity and/or sick, twisted beliefs. Same for the people who murdered our brothers in Las Vegas. They attach to some distorted view and run with it. ie - they are crazy. Regarding the ranch, there were a lot of protestors there. They gave them the boot when they realized these two were not stable. In my opinion, they did their due diligence by removing them. I would argue that every cause/political belief/religion could be tarnished by someone that uses that cause/political belief or religion to exact violence.

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Open forum, June 9-15

Nail - Regarding the murder of the two officers in Las Vegas. Those two were actually kicked off the Bundy ranch after a couple days. I think politics should be kept out of the murder of these people. They murdered because they are crazy. Left wing, right wing, it's an argument without merit. Crazy is crazy. I guess we could blame it on slender man since that was their inspiration but the bottom line is there are a lot of very sick people in this world.

Manthou - The AR15 is a very accurate. Many are self cleaning and don't jam. Very reliable gun for hunting, sport and in home self defense.

Jacjak - I am a strong 2A supporter. However, I agree with you on open carry. It makes me nervous when I see it. I think it's just meant to be in your face, "see I can do this." Matter of fact, it also seems to work against personal safety. If an active shooter comes in, the first person getting shot is the open carry guy.

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Open forum, June 9-15

Actually Roger - The tea party establishment was not backing Brat. There was some small local support. The guy door knocked and gave detailed explanations of his views. Meanwhile, Cantor sat back, thought the voters no longer mattered and was focused on the speaker position. This is democracy in action. All of congress needs a shake up on both sides. They are absolutely useless. They refuse to work together and instead make crap up to blame each other. People are tired of it and this is why Cantor is out. Being an economics professor proabably helped Brat since he understands economics and can explain it to voters in a logical manner. The borders need to be secured. It does not make sense to have immigration reform until this happens and most people agree with that. I wish we had the money and the means to take care of everyone in Mexico. When I see these families on t.v, it makes my heart hurt. Unfortunatly we can't take care of the swelling number of people crossing into the U.S. - not to mention the criminals and possible terrorists crossing back and forth freely. It's crazy and must stop before reform can implemented.

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Open forum, June 9-15

Timerick - Arrogant politicians eventually get voted out of office. This is what happened to Cantor today and it will eventually happen to Moeller. Our elected officials work for all the citizens in their district - even if they disagree with each other. When politicians forget this, they eventually lose their job.

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Open forum, June 2-8

One has to wonder about the team around Obama. Do they tell him what's going on or do they leave him in the dark? Does anyone say "it might not be a good idea to say her served with honor and distinction"

Andrea Mitchell cornered Deputy national security advisor Tony Blinken in an interview. “Why did Susan Rice say he served with honor and distinction?” Mitchell asked. “It was clear to the military as soon as he left what had happened, according to his former fellow soldiers?”

Mitchell didn’t let up, questioning how the United States can be assured that the five top-level Taliban prisoners released from Gitmo will remain in Qatar and not participate in command and control operations remotely.

Blinken stressed the commitments received from the government of Qatar.

But Tony, with all due respect, these were listed as ‘forever prisoners,’” Mitchell pushed back. “These are guys that were not ever cleared for release because of their high rank.”

So they’ve been in Guantanamo — they were in Guantanamo — for 13 years,” Blinken replied. “And precisely because we have the assurances that we need from the government of Qatar .

Well that is reassuring. Glad to see the administration places the trust of our secuirty with Qatar. Fabulous.

The Obama administration is playing checkers while the terrorists play chess.

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Open forum, June 2-8

Here is a look at the Taliban 5. They look like nice guys. I'm sure there terrorist ways are behind them. They probably won't be any threat to our country or the men and women that serve in our armed forces.


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Open forum, June 2-8

Another good article in the NY Times


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