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nailingit — November 14, 2013 at 10:42 a.m - Agree completely.

What is with Frank Decker? Does he go onto the Columbian just to be rude to anyone that writes? Glad he didn't make it into office. One less arrogant politician.

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Open forum, Nov 11-17

Hey Golden! Nice to see all of you! I hope you are doing great.

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Open forum, Nov 11-17

Hawk - Actually sounds like you are coming home. Have a safe flight. The weather here is pretty nice. Partly clear.

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Open forum, Nov 11-17

Hey Hawkeye! Are you going to Vegas for business or pleasure? I have not been there for nearly 5 years. I hear they have built a lot in that time. You taking in any shows? Have a great time!

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nice puppy. I responded before I read your follow up posts. I agree with you about safety starting at home. 100% - could not agree more. I can understand that burglars, DUI's etc, may seem trivial but not so much if you are the victim of these crimes. Without law enforcement, criminals would run wild. Just imagine a county that deputies did not respond to these calls. It would be a free for all for the crooks.


Above is the link to the budget general amounts spent. The office of the Washington State Auditor conducts an audit of all expenses every year. The Sheriff is not free to just spend how he wants. I think your perception of the budget may be off.

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Open forum, Nov 11-17

Where are the specifics nice puppy? The SO budget has to be approved by the commisioners and is public record if you wanted to go down and take a look. Of course citizens have a say if they want to keep him. It's called an election. You provide no specifics about what you are upset about. It appears you have a general feeling of anger towards the SO with no facts to back it up. Pure emotions rule your post. . You give no details except that you think they make too much money and the Sheriff's should stop eating so much. Any actual facts/specifics you can provide?

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Open forum, Nov 11-17

Nice Puppy - Please provide details as to where the Sheriff should cut spending and provide specifics of what you are talking about.

"Safety is primarily a personal responsibility because you do a lousy job."

Please explain in detail why you have this view that they do a lousy job. Thanks-

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Manthou - Why in the world would you ever think that the Sheriff should be appointed and not elected? You have absolutely missed the mark. Since the Sheriff is an elected official put into office by the people, that means that he is accountable to the people and will look out for their best interest. Why do you think VPD ALWAYS has so many problems? It's because he is appointed by crony politicians. The VPD Chief actually has no power and does not run the department. The city counsel does. If he does not kiss their behind, they simply fire him and get someone else. During this latest interview process. 3 out of the 5 finalist withdrew their application after being interviewed by the disfunctional city counsel. Why is that? Because anyone with experience can see that the only want a puppet. Nothing ever improves with VPD due to this and it never will. The Sheriff does not answer to a counsel. He is elected and works for the people. As far as the funding for the SO - they have lost close to 30 positions due to the budget over the last several years. It's becoming dangerous for the Deputies and for the public.

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Open forum Sept 10-16

When you only read what supports your opinion and just dismiss anything that does not, you very much limit your worldview...

Have a good days guys, I'm out.

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Another source Nailingit regarding the rape of our Ambassador

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