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You are a spoiled little baby.
Don't like working for someone? Do you expect more? Then, make a change.
If you are not intelligent enough to do so, then it's YOUR FAULT, not your so called "Rich Republican" employer.
I'm sure you never worked for a democrat in your entire life. Oh, and hater is a common word thrown out by the left.

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Heck’s record: A bill in ’83, but no vote for income tax

On other note....

If you are a homeowner, BO is looking to end mortgage interest deductions on income tax. How does that make you feel?

Also on the chopping block are child tax credits and the ability of employees to pay their portion of their health-insurance tab with pretax dollars.


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Heck’s record: A bill in ’83, but no vote for income tax

Do you get your news from Comedy Central? Of course the intelligence agencies reported that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. I didn't like Bush myself, but when the Dem's constantly lie and distort the truth, it has to be disputed. After you watch this video, can you honestly tell me that these Dem's also lied about WMD's?


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Train destroys car stuck on tracks in east Vancouver

This is why today's kids should go retro and put Cragers on their rice burners, then raise the back end up slightly higher than the front end. This would never have happened to any kid in the 70's.

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Couple say stop by police ‘overkill’

Conner must be a Caucasian male, because I have not seen Jessie or Al SharpTonque on the news calling for the investigation and dismissal of these police officers. No protests on the streets that I can see in support of Conner's civil rights.

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Battle Ground to gain 117 more residents and Christian school

hawkeye — October 24, 2010 at 4:18 p.m.
*There is one "church" in Portland that owns a motel and I'll bet you they don't pay taxes on that and if they do it's at a really reduced rate. I think they should start paying property taxes on all properties owned by all churches at the going business rate.*

hawkeye, since you speculated on this, could you please look into the facts and let us know?

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Our words should carry consequences

Other "reporters" statements on NPR:

Andrei Codrescu, who was on contract with NPR at the time, said in 1995 that "The evaporation of four million people who believe this crap [the Rapture] would leave the world an instantly better place." He later apologized, and NPR left it at that.

The same year, during a heated national debate over federal funding for AIDS research, NPR reporter Nina Totenberg stated:

I think [Sen. Jesse Helms] ought to be worried about what's going on in the Good Lord's mind, because if there is retributive justice, he'll get AIDS from a transfusion, or one of his grandchildren will get it.

The year prior, another NPR reporter, Sunni Khalid, said the following on C-SPAN:

I think there's a big difference when people told Father Aristide to sort of moderate his views, they were concerned about people being dragged through the streets, killed and necklaced. I don't think that is what Newt Gingrich has in mind. I think he's looking at a more scientific, a more civil way of lynching people.

Gingrich wasn't the only conservative figure to earn NPR's ire. A reporter for a local public radio station in Santa Monica, CA and freelance journalist with NPR fantasized on the infamous JournoList about watching Rush Limbaugh die while "laugh[ing] loudly like a maniac and watch[ing] his eyes bug out." The radio station disavowed itself from that comment, claiming it "has, and always will be, dedicated to civil discourse and the free exchange of ideas."

Now, was Juan Williams treated failry? We report, you decide...

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Our words should carry consequences


Yes, words like this will carry consequences:

**“If You Like Your Current Plan, You Will Be Able To Keep It. Let Me Repeat That: If You Like Your Plan, You'll Be Able To Keep It.” (President Obama, Remarks At The White House, Washington, D.C., 7/21/09)**

Read On:


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