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Vancouver pavement on road to ruin

Scotty: I think it's important to note that in '97 or so, Vancouver annexed quite a bit of land, nearly doubling in size. That also vastly upped the number of roads the city was responsible for. The budget allotment for pavement maintenance went up, but not in direct correlation with the increase in roads.

ALL: I made a correction in the text. I had said that they put $575,000 to maintenance this year and $500,000 next. That's actually $5.75 million and $5 million, respectively.

My apologies.

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Fire coverage gap filled in wake of Station 6 closure

all: I should perhaps have been more clear with the fractal response times. In Station 6's area, firefighters are on scene in 8:52 or *less,* so when you break it down further, 75 percent of calls are there in 6:36 or less and 50 percent arrive in 5:14 or less.

8:52 is not the average response time.

I also don't think this article celebrates these figures, but rather says that its not as bad as it was predicted to be. I'll leave it to the citizens and city council to decide what levels of service are acceptable; not editorialize in a news story.

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Vancouver council to consider new ethics policy

local_yokel: Harris' term expires at the end of 2013. She was reelected in 2009.

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Shumway couple lament loss of ‘forever house’

Update Wednesday 11 a.m.: Dean Palmer passed away in the couple's home Tuesday night, Brenda Palmer said this morning. The cause of death is unknown at this point.

Commenters, please respect Brenda Palmer and her family in their time of grief.

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Like herding cats...


Actually Pat Campbell was concerned about following the law. Only about 6 percent of cats are licensed in Clark County; Roxie is among that small percentage.

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Shumway couple lament loss of ‘forever house’

Herschel, good catch. I update the story to reflect the county records of a sale price of $84,000.

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Vancouver opens tap to help on water bills

Correction to my comment: The utility tax was raised in 2009 to to 20 percent from 16 percent. That does go to the general fund. That's what I'm assuming Mr. Stemper is referring to that. And the city council did say that increase was to fund public safety.

AND - they raised rates this year on sewer rate increase... water and stormwater rates haven't raised recently.

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Vancouver opens tap to help on water bills

Hey all,

A city spokeswoman passed along some links here that you could read for background.

Also, it's important to note that stories about firefighters being laid off don't directly correlate with the water fund, which legally cannot be used for services funded by the general fund (ie: public safety). Rates were raised, as Charlie Stemper notes, but that was to fund federally required upgrades in sewer/water/stormwater infrastructure, along with other planned maintenance and new infrastructure - not to uphold firefighters or other jobs. Those payments that Mr. Stemper references are not paid to the general fund.

As for the discussion on welfare abuse, I'll leave that to you guys.

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