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Man convicted in Hwy. 500 assault faces Ore. charges

kidt, I agree, we need to help our soliders more. Consider that fact that he was sentenced to 11 years, yet a driver convicted a death while driving drunk gets a maximum of 5 years. Something is wrong with the judicial sentencing guidelines.

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Monday, March 20th!! Thank You Columbian!

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I admire your ability to find the yum from the yuck.

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I bet you are a great person to have as a friend.

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hey padma - you do realize who buttercup is don't you?

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Cuckoo for cupcakes

With shows like Cupcake Wars and Challenge on the Food Channel, some food items are regaining popularity. Besides, it much easier to munch a cupcake than eat the whole cake..,

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Man taken to hospital after head-on accident in Orchards

Blood test showed the cat had elevated levels of catnip.

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Of surprises, Dina & snow

Serendipity has certainly been diminished by the realm of *instant gratification* that technology affords people on many different levels. Sensory overload can muddle many ah-ha moments. Hopefully people can find their way back...

Weather? I do not miss the four seasons of Los Angeles weather: fire, earthquake, drought and flood.

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Subway employees refuse would-be robber’s demands for cash

tanq, what the employee would have PTARS (post traumatic almost robbed syndrome)and the employer would have to pay L & I on a claim?

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Along with Fran and Ollie.

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