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4A GSHL All-League Baseball Team

Brayden Maney is from skyview....

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Battle Ground baseball program hit by league sanctions

And smo is right, boundary exceptions are part of the problem. They are apparently easy to get, if you spend the time and research the exceptions to get approved. None of them should be approved. The rules are known ahead of time - if you transfer at the high school level, you lose one year of varsity play. WIAA gives way too many exceptions for this in all sports (not just baseball) waiving the one year for some and not for others.

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Battle Ground baseball program hit by league sanctions

cordeliaW - Lets see - is there a reason that first he choose not to go to Battleground, went to Prairie, then Heritage, then boundary revoked THEN Back to Battleground? There is a reason for this pattern and it is Mike Heyer, not Luke. You should stick to things you know about which is not this situation. I agree that Hayes is accountable for his actions, but I assure you he was under pressure from the Dad. Still not a good choice and I wish Hayes would have made a better decision. I have been involved with youth sports and witnessed many situations where Mike Heyer does what is best for him, regardless of what rules are in place. And now the Battle Ground baseball players will suffer and Hayes will likely lose his job. Not a surprise AT ALL that the Heyers are at the center of it.

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Battle Ground baseball program hit by league sanctions

Anyone who DOESN'T think Mike Heyer put pressure on Billy Hayes clearly knows nothing about Mike Heyer. First, Billy Hayes is the one of the nicest and most caring coaches around. Second, Mike Heyer is known for always trying to promote his son and breaking whatever rules he can to do so. He has been doing that since little league. Ask anyone in Clark County about Mike Heyers who is involved in youth sports and you will not get a favorable response. I GUARANTEE this was not Billy Hayes idea, but agree he should have, unfortunately, known better.

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Paul - I would really like to understand the waiver situation under WIAA and how without moving, players are eligible to play in yet a second school that is not the school they would naturally go to. McDonagh of Skyview is an example. Played last year at LaSalle in Oregon now playing at Skyview. Never moved and does not live anywhere near Skyview boundaries. Why would he have not had to sit out a year? I would understand a waiver to Fort for him (as he lives in those boundaries) when he left a private school in Oregon, but why and how does he get a waiver to Skyview? This is all neatly laid out in his own personal football website ( the way which is clearly aimed at getting him recruited for football. It also seems clear that he picked Skyview for obvious reasons of athletics, which transfer waivers are NOT supposed to be based on. Would love an explanation on why a waiver was granted to eliminate his one year waitng period.

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Basketball players on the move

Charliemike - As you said when a player transfers schools without moving, there is a penalty that they have to sit out a year under WIAA rules. What I still dont understand is why the WIAA allows these rules to be waived so easily. Kieran McDonagh of Skyview (currently playing Football) is a good example at Skyview. He played last year in LaSalle in Oregon and now plays at Skyview without ever changing residences and without sitting out any time. He doesnt live in the Skyview district - he lives in the Fort Vancouver district. Apparently he got a waiver from WIAA to play. I think it would make some sense if you could get a waiver to come back to the school you actually live in the boundaries for - but to get to again "choose" another school? What is the use of the WIAA if they dont enforce their own rules?

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Edit - The "GSHL Football" website.

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Paul - I would like to say that I appreciate the way you cover the positive aspects of high school games (who played well) and dont report on the negative (who didn't). These kids are just learning about what it is like to be somewhat in the spotlight and adults sometimes forget they are kids. You don't and that is refreshing to see. I think the GSHL website could learn some "reporting" tips from the Columbian. It is too negative and breaks these kids down instead of building them up.

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