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Maybe your business decision was top down and this is the way they want to go. Much like building and loosing the new building.

The fact remains that many of us still employed would like to remain that way - employed. There are a number of employers who would clearly use posted opinions on local and national matters, political and otherwise, to retaliate against one of their employees.

My employer absolutely would on local political matters and opinions.

I guess you just have nirvana at The Columbian and with Lou!

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You don't have to like us to "like" us

My opinion, a bad business decision. That said, it's your business but I can choose to not participate. The fact remains that some folks can't use their name due to probable retaliation in the work place.

I guess all employers are not as understanding and "likes us" as much as Lou and his team likes you.

You guys really got this one wrong!

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Bears promise to negotiate exclusively with Clark County

I'm willing to pay to watch them play. Bring on the Bears!!

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Woodland eyes public safety sales tax

He (i2i) also takes exception to Vancouver firefighters. He weighed in with a diatribe of rhetoric concerning well documented shortfalls in staffing and funding by city council members.

I do love that "ignore user" option The Columbian extended to commenter's. He fits the criteria for me.

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Herrera Beutler scolded by her high school principal

What do you expect from Shaime - she is so predictable.

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Former fire chief appointed to District 6 board


I agree completely! However, it's hard to get citizens off their behind to engage and run for the position. heck, they won't even go attend the regular monthly fire district meeting.

So, until people realize and accept a share of the responsibility, really, liitle can be said.

Just my opinion.

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Fire coverage gap filled in wake of Station 6 closure


You and I are not employees of the VFD or the city but feel the long reach of these decisions by council on our community.

My thanks for your information and tireless efforts - I'm really disappointed on how this story was portrayed.

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Fire coverage gap filled in wake of Station 6 closure


As you know and have been told, there is a long history that predates all of this political misdirection and misinformation and "current budget crisis" stuff. The long history of under funding and under staffing the Vancouver FD is well known. There has been past articles on response times and staffing, as well as coverage on the critical condition of some of the communities fire stations.

It seems that you churn out the same old same old article every time and it usually relies on what a local fire chief, council member or city manager spoon fed you.

I guess true investigative journalism is in as much of a decline as is the sales of newspapers. I expected more from the city government reporter.

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Harris: "I am requesting a public apology"

I, I, I, Me, Me, Me. Good gosh Jeanne, what a professional victim. You demonstrate exactly what is wrong with the council as a whole. Issues blown out of proportion on words, issues and behaviors like Pandering, verbal attack, male and not female as mayor pro-tem, gavel down, end of meeting or beginning for public comment and on and on.

This council has huge issues to confront that effect many peoples daily lives and finances - and this is what these folks have as their priorities.

What an absolue shame! In my world, you would have all been fired for your lack of civility to the customer and to each other and for your dismal performance.

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Fire coverage gap filled in wake of Station 6 closure

And there you have it! Factual and to the point, "greathornedowl"

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