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Death leaves Washougal restaurant in limbo

To the entire Sherertz family, my sympathies for your loss and that Mr Sherertz will not be able to finish this one project. I'm sure his life was lined with many successes and good deeds.

As for people like Ed Young (previous commenter) you can only feel sorry for him and his miserable existence.

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The gift of gab

Mielke never ceases to amaze me. Arrogance by not paying his property taxes, confrontational with media and neighboring political leaders and discriminatory towards women. Those women of the 911 center he supposedly gave a backhanded compliment to are Clark County's first line of defense.

Those dispatchers take the emergency call, prioritize the severity and start the response. How dare Mielke have the gall to degrade or attempt to to understand their jobs.

What a backwoods, racist, demeaning hick. And yes, he was actually voted into office. What an absolute embarrassment!

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Larry Smith to run for third term on Vancouver council

Larry can support the bridge, infrastructure, small business and transportation. Unfortunately, the reality is Larry and other council members have yet to come to terms with their under funding of public safety. The money spent on Larry campaign priorities is worth very little. He continues to turn a blind eye to the needs of public safety for our community.

No one invests in business or housing if public safety is not adequately funded and supported.

Cmon Larry - this proves you've got a long campaign in front of you. And the rest of your "team" on the council isn't helping you much.

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Deputies, community honor fallen K-9 Deputy Kane

Zebra - it is entirely your right and opinion - but no one cares. You are just not worth it nor is your rational.

Go ahead -roll your eyes

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Herrera Beutler joins House energy team

Sure it is Ray - everything you say is.

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In Our View: ‘Bridging the Gap’

Just build it - toll it - and light rail it. It's bigger than all of us. For or opposed, it's going to happen.

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Herrera Beutler joins House energy team

Hey Shaime - while your on this "blue ribbon" panel why don't you folks also discuss the need to negotiate the I-5/BPA extension to the private forest lands and away from residential Clark County and Vancouver. Seeing that you can't/won't address rising fuels costs, maybe you can at least save your constituents homes and retirements.

At least you'll be able to crow about that.

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"I think that should end the matter entirely"

Good Lord, you would have thought Harris would have learned her lesson with her big mouth. Leavitt was addressing Stewart and she accepted. End of story! Move forward!

But then Harris just can't help herself. She has to open that "gavel down" big mouth and continue to interject herself where she doesn't belong. What a bush league politician!

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Like herding cats...

They are just so small town - it hurts just trying to get through a simple meeting, even when they have an agenda and a "Manager" leading the presentation too them.

Cmon November - when we have the choice to make some changes.

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Much to proclaim about nothing

Your right Pat -

And for those exact reasons I doubt you'll ever be recieving a proclomation.

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