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Thanks for the encouraging comments on our gardening blog. Goldenoldie: We intend to include lots of information on food gardening. I prepared a rather detailed leaflet on vegetable gardening and put it on our web site: Click on vegetables in the how to guide and then click on "vegetable gardening tips", the seventh article. There are also 9 articles in the how to fruit section.
rap5657: The moss problem has been worse than usual this year because of the continuous rainy weather. Moss loves shade and wet areas. Moss Control products for plants contain a natural iron compound which not only kills moss but turns grass and leaves dark green. Many fertilizers contain iron. A minimum of 5% iron is necessary for moss control. I use Ferrous (Iron) Sulfate which is available from some full service nurseries. Moss Out for Roofs and Structures contains a natural zinc compound which is non-staining and non-corrosive to wood, concrete, asphalt and metal. Moss does come back and requires repeat treatments at least once a year. I treat twice a year in problem areas. Iron compounds will cause rust stains on concrete. Brush granules off concrete before they become wet. Surface and sub-surface drainage will also reduce moss.

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Mielke's a leftist

What's the big deal? It may take a minute longer but isn't safety worth it? I come to Costco from the west. I have gotten in the habit of turning north on St Johns at 78th St and going up to 88th St. Then I can go directly into Costco without going around the bend.

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No, it is not too late to prune Japanese maples. They can actually be pruned at any time of year. It is just easier to see what you are doing when the leaves are not present.

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