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Commissioners balk at baseball contract

Thanks for the heads-up Lou. I haven't yet decided whether or not posting to The Columbian is worth messing around with facebook for.

There really isn't anything of any value to be gained by posting to The Columbian save for a little "entertainment" akin to poking a stick into a cage full of Hyenas.

Were The Columbian actually a community-oriented enterprise, there might be some value in lending an opinion to a discussion or two, but it's very obvious that The Columbian is nothing more than an arrogant organ of the "elite" which exists for the express purpose attempting to "direct" public opinion rather than to give the public a "voice".

It's pretty simple really, nobody "needs" The Columbian.

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Letter: Negativity delays practical progress

Why do I get the feeling that someone at The Columbian actually writes most of these "letters"?

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Letter: Now is not the time for a new bridge

Did you write the letter, John Laird?

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Letter: Let’s bring pro baseball to Vancouver

We just don't need to make a stadium in an already over-crowded area for some podunk baseball team. It's sheer stupidity and a total waste of taxpayer monies.

Let's quit throwing money away on stupid ideas.

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In Our View: More Bricks, Mortar

Government just can't quit spending like drunken sailors, kids.

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All together now: ‘Thanks, Florida!’

Poor Mrs T. Destined to live in blithering ignorance. Are you the "fourth monkey", Mrs T?

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All together now: ‘Thanks, Florida!’

"Infrastructure projects means JOBS and monies earned spent in our local communities, tax revenues going to our states".

It's kind of stupid to send money to the government in order to get jobs, Mrs T. People would do far better and more jobs would be created if people kept more of their own money.

All government does is throw money down the toilet and encourge people to lay around on their dead rears whilst sucking money off everybody else.

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Letter: ‘Palestine’ is ruse to defeat Israel

The so called "Palestinians" were given land along with Israel. Jordan grabbed the land from the so-called "Palestinians".

The Arab countries need to give back the land to the so-called "Palestinians".

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Letter: Invest in the care of all Americans

The world owes no one a living, kids. It's just that simple.

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All together now: ‘Thanks, Florida!’

Railroads are so 1890's for moving people, John. You're showing your age here. Come up into the modern world with the rest of us where choo-choo trains are very obsolete and outdated.

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