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Letter: Accept Middle East as a lost cause

I'm sure that it's the "first" that you've "heard", roger. Lefties always have conveniently "short" memories when it comes to facts published years ago.

It's part of their attempts to re-write history.

However, if you really wished to be informed, a simple search would start with a Wiki article about the Iraqi yellowcake:

Sen. James Inhofe had excellent pics of the 500 tons of Tuwaitha yellowcake in drums on his congressional website for years. I'll see if I can dig them up for you.

As far as Iraqi terrorist training camps are concerned, another simple search start that you could do is:

These are a few of what the American Troops found when they invaded. There are many more.

Of course, you'll have to actually open your eyes to see the articles, and I know that's hard for a Leftie to do.

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Letter: Good people need help, too

You don't even know how many people in America don't work, lucia. I'm so sorry that you're so hopelessly uninformed.

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Letter: President is missing during crises

No xly, I can't. Facts only come in one tune. I'm sorry that you don't like facts.

The "failed leadership" was only on the part of the local officials. FEMA was right where it was supposed to be.

Your BDS is showing.

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Vancouver Voice newspaper up for sale

Conservatives don't waste money on dinosaur newspapers, insii. Conservatives are more modern.

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Letter: Default on debt cannot be allowed

It's a fair question, insii. What are you so afraid of?

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Letter: President is missing during crises

Gee xly, I guess you don't know anything about Katrina either. You Lefties sure are ignorant. Maybe you should have stayed in school.

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In Our View: Pain in Olympia

Even drunken sailors "sober up", AllenAnderson.

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Letter: President is missing during crises

FEMA was right on the job as it should have been, Allen. FEMA is not a "first responder" - local agencies are "first responders". FEMA come in slowly after a disaster and pays for the clean-up. FEMA has no ambulances, troops, or evacuation facilities.

Maybe you didn't know that.

Also you you probably didn't know that the Louisiana Governor wouldn't let the Red Cross go into New Orleans until well after the hurricane, that the local officials including Mayor Nagin did not follow their own evacuation plans, and that thousands of school and city busses that could have evacuated the city were not utilized at all.

The missteps of Katrina can be blamed squarely on the local officials and the Governor, who just happened to have been Democrats, Btw.

I guess you don't know those things either. Or you just "don't want" to know them.

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Letter: Good people need help, too

I guess you must not know how many Americans don't work, lucia. They get government checks, you know.

Maybe you should "study up".

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Letter: Accept Middle East as a lost cause

Troops entering Iraq found an Al-Qaeda training camp complete with a jetliner body, roger. Troops also discovered 500 tons of yellowcake uranium some of which was already enriched at Tuwaitha Nuclear Facility in Iraq.

Maybe you don't also know that Halliburton received no-bid contracts from the Clinton Administration and Halliburton continues to this day to receive no-bid contracts.

We know that Saddam used poison gas on the Kurds so he did have WMD's.

Just for those of you with "short memories", the first country We went into after 911 was Afghanistan. The whole purpose of the Bush Administration was to attack the terrorists on their own turf and to take the war to them instead of having them bring the war to us.

President Bush also wanted to change the face of the middle east, and he did just exactly that.

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