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Commissioners balk at baseball contract

Let me get this straight. the Commissioners asked their attorney to prepare an agreement. the attorney spent a whole bunch of time doing that. Then the Commissioners decided against the agreement? Wow how is that for efficient government.

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Murray praises river locks project as investment in economy

Going into debt for some things IS an investment, kinda like buying a home, or a car. Lew, if you bought your home and your car with cash, then you are a stellar citizen! Based on your comments here and at other times, that means the rest of us are idiots for taking on debt. Ain't that right?

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Letter: Tolls would impact local families

Matt it was responsible to build a new bridge and light rail TEN years ago! 15 hours of congestion in another 10 years will have more impact on families than a toll. The bridge and light rail will take 7 years to construct! How are Clark County families, moms and dads, going to get to work with 15 hours of traffic jam? And then get home to spend time with the kids? Think about it please. $3 toll or 15 hours of traffic jam.

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"I want you to be the tough guys"

Yep everybody has betrayed us. And the sky will be falling today. Back to the meds please! I'm not buyin it.

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Letter: The public is broke, too

Good news to all of you that don't want to pay a tax to support a new stadium, you don't have to pay the tax! Don't go to the movies and pay the extra 50 cents. Wait for the Netflix, Movies on Demand or the the DVD. I wonder how many of the regular whiners actually open the drapes and let the sun into the basement? Get some sun it's good for you!

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Newcomer Wylie played skeptic

Benton is absolutely worthless!

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In Our View: No Change Needed

You're all contradiction ailingcat. Neither government OR politicians create jobs. Only when government grows itself does it create jobs and I seem to recall that all our local governments have reduced in size during this recession even though our population hasn't reduced. So, how do you think politicians can create jobs? Give tax breaks to companies so they will reinvest? Are you advocating for tax payer subsidies to business?

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Herrera Beutler scolded by her high school principal

Republicans are blowing it, and leadership knows it but is lost for a solution. Cut Cut, Cut. But where? Medicare? Whoa, they are finding out real quick that is an issue important to seniors regardless of politics. The pendulum will swing back to Dems, including here in the 3rd Congressional. Herrera can't point to one single issue or project she's helped our area with.

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Letter: Trap deceptively set

Check ID, follow the law and you won't get in trouble! There is no simpler response. Keep running the stings until these bar owners follow the law or by their own stubbornness, close shop. Real bright fartimus. Suppose you also believe the police shouldn't have radar guns or should conduct surveillance on drug dealers?

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