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Letter: Another approach to sales-tax issue

This ridiculous idea comes up over and over from people who just don't pay attention. The legislature CANNOT exempt a geographic area of our state from sales tax! How fair would that be to all other residents of the State? Duh! Besides, those in SW Wa that shop in Portland are only hurting themselves in the end. That is the real problem.

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Fire coverage gap filled in wake of Station 6 closure

Nice to see the union and city making progress on contract negotiations. But 80% of calls are medical? Why is the FIRE department going to those? Isn't that what ambulances do? Are we being double taxed?

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With merger, religion regains prominent role at Southwest hospital

We do have a choice of what hospital we prefer. Concerned about religion at Peacehealth? Goto Legacy! Anyway concerns about quality of care and religion of the operators of the hospital are ridiculous.

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Camas mayor’s new job causes stir

Just another example of an elected official who is more interested (or maybe can't do anything else but) in grandstanding. There seems to be a couple of those types in Washougal. Wake up Washougal residents!

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City council’s ethics talk reopens old wounds

I'm sure it's heartwarming for Burkman (and other CITY council people) to hear that Lew "no credibility" Waters who doesn't even live in the City is supportive of anything the City Council does.

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Crowd pulls few punches at Herrera Beutler town hall

HB favors "taking a hard look at military spending." Great. I'm going to take a hard look at my toothbrush, then I will still stick it in my mouth and brush. What a crock. There is no independence with HB. Voting for energy independence and tax repeal on big oil companies? We are being played like a violin with this typical party line sensationalist rhetoric. Neither Medicare or Social Security would be problems if HB and Congress were serious about their jobs and had priorities.

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City council’s ethics talk reopens old wounds

Would anybody be surprised if Leavitt got drunk and walked down the street yelling about council members? I wouldn't blame him.

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Vancouver council to consider new ethics policy

Guess Harris still hasn't accepted responsibility for her own behavior. Blaming the policy? I don't ever remember another city council person having a problem with the policy. Sad.

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C-Tran board gives in to veto threat

Right on Sporty. And now we have confirmation why Lew isn't taken seriously by anybody but the loose screws.

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UPDATE: Man stabbed in downtown Vancouver; suspect quickly arrested

Probably came to Vancouver on light rail. Oh wait Vancouver doesn't have that. So how could there be any crime? Makes no sense.

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