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Like herding cats...

Well Couvegirl you ought to visit a council meeting in Washougal. Then you will really wonder what world you are in!

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Bart Hansen will run to retain Vancouver council seat

As evidenced by his remarks, Koski doesn't really pay attention. Why don't you step up and run Bob? You seem to have all the answers, albeit wrong. What are you afraid of?!?

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Horrified husband finds himself in rodeo queen’s saga

I think you are full of it Alien. Cops in Vancouver have more important things to do than check window tint.

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Maybe people just have better things to do

Fell off my chair reading Carolyn Crain comment.

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Stewart thinks Leavitt could use a dictionary

Please Lew. you only like the rules when they apply to your view of the world. what point are you trying to make with the results of Stewart recent election? is the point that since she won by a large margin that she can violate rules? maybe her opponent did not campaign or know the issues. Lew you are sounding like an elitist.

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Up in (e-cigarette) smoke

how could anybody not be embarrassed about Mielke? confused about our County because he sees to much portland news? OMG.

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/guidelines/ -- Community discussion guidelines

This is great. However I'm confused why you would like this Koski? these new rules will result in removal of most of your posts? are you confused?

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Fatal Easter fire shocks defense attorney

it's almost depressing thinking about the innocent young lives taken in this tragedy. i hope the mother is getting all the support she needs which I'm sure is a lot. My heart and prayers go out to her and the remaining sibling.

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Letter: Wrong perspective in editorial

Seems a bit hypocritical of you artimus. aren't you always worried about who is getting away with what?

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Fire up the rumor mill

Debbie Peterson is a walking contradiction. Facts? No interest. Common sense? Not possible. Knowledgeable? In no way, shape or form. Paid lobbyist? Absolutely. Lacks credibility? No doubt.

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