For over twenty-five years, Mr. Williams has responded to the urgent calls of C-level Executives to repair the reddest of projects—ones that have burned 90% of their $5 to $30 million budget, yet they still are months or years from completion. He takes control of the project, cuts through the fear, uncertainty, and doubt to find the facts and determine how to maximize the value, save reputations, and complete or cancel the project. From this experience, he has developed a process to make recoveries efficient and use the results to drive organizational change and prevent their reoccurrence. His experience provides a wealth of knowledge on the causes and corrections of failed projects.
He has worked in manufacturing and service industries on products used internally and externally. These projects include large-scale system integration of manufacturing systems, equipment integration, web-based collaboration tools, thick clients, and large-scale business systems integration. The projects have been in Taiwan, Singapore, Canada, Israel and the United States with teams dispersed in as many as five countries, three continents and countless time zones. Some of these projects were captive in-house time-and-materials projects while others were outsourced fixed-priced projects.
AMACOM Press will publish his first book, Back From Red: Recovering Failed Projects, in early 2011. Back From Red defines a project audit and recovery process that focuses on root cause correction and prevention.


Issaquah, WA