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4.3 magnitude earthquake reported near Mount St. Helens

Thanks for sharing, Countrygolden.

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Former Clark College student killed in early-morning Portland crash

I didn't mean to offend or take this woman's death lightly, cougfan. "T-boned" is a fairly common description of this kind of crash.

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Can you contact me and share information on chop shops I can ask the police about? Thanks.
Bob Albrecht

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Brief fire squelched at WaferTech plant

That's true, buttercup, they do work with sensitive materials. I was explaining my reference was largely related to the potential financial loss.

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Brief fire squelched at WaferTech plant

willbridge, those phrases were in reference to the possible loss of expensive products produced at the plant.

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C-Tran responds to security questions

naibmuloc and hawkeye, I can't identify the big boxy thing on the left but assure you it's a real photo from a a real C-Tran bus. It's an older bus, if that helps you place it.

abert, with all the concern over the MAX potentially crossing the river, a story on the safety of local public transportation, spurred by a phone call from a rider, seemed worthwhile. Thanks for your comment.

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UPDATE: Woman freed after being trapped by overturned van

Nothing gets by our readers! I did a little more work on the map, Eddie48 and soapbox4u. Thanks.

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Police ask help locating 13-year-old runaway

Palmer: An Amber Alert requires "Sufficient Descriptive Information," which typically includes a vehicle description. I'm not certain it would be activated but it seems a reasonable supposition.

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Police ask help locating 13-year-old runaway

Palmer, I still can't help you with the vehicle but photos are attached now. They reached us in a weird format. Thanks for reading and inquiring.

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Whipple Creek Church makes its presence felt

For all interested in voting, I confirmed the link works. A good tip, nonetheless, from jaduor. Thanks.

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