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Open forum, May 28 - June 3

So as i was heading home yesterday from a family outing, we decided to try and spot that tree that got hit by lightning this weekend, but as i was heading down fort vancouver way we got a suprise. A naked man standing on the corner across from the marshal center. We got there just in time to see a fire truck blocking off the area. Anybody have a idea what this was all about? mental? drugs? protest?

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Local View: Citizens urged to make voices heard on CRC

The idea to add a light rail system that would effectivly triple (atleast) the cost of building the bridge is insane when you figure that less then %1 of the population would get any use out of it at all. People can already bus it over to the max line near the expo center. Tolling to pay for a new bridge is not a horrible idea, but tolling to add a light rail system would be a egregious use of a already tightly strapped economy! If this bridge includes a light rail system that will either A: increase tax's, or B: result in a Toll, i will do the unthinkable and move my family across the bridge!

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Wash. lawmakers pass $8.5B transportation budget

Tolling the bridge will only cause me to move across the river! I work in oregon and live in vancouver, and its hard enough getting double dinged with tax's. If they toll the bridge I will have no choice but to move to oregon.

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