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Prosecutor plays detective, tries to find opponent

Well, I must disagree with you, Lew,

It seems very apparent to me that Golik is not only qualified, but his character is unsullied no matter what some Defendant thinks.

I mean, just look at his record of convictions, the kind of people that he's put away, and then look at the kind of respect he's engendered among every facet of criminal justice: law enforcement, judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, etc. These are not politicians but are the people that work in the system every day.

The evidence truly is overwhelming in making a case to vote for Golik. I know you don't see it that way, but like I said, I'm disppointed that I can't get you to just look at the record and the facts w/o considering party.

And believe me, there are some very conservative voters out there backing Mr. Golik because they value his experience and his integrity.

Furthermore, I am still troubled by Mr. Boger's ethical lapses--not allegations--but real ethical lapses that are apparent from the reality of his experience versus what he's claimed during his campaign and in his literature; and, his "mistake" of claiming he was endorsed by the Columbian when he was not. These are ethical problems that are out there for any voter to take a look at and judge for themselves. Golik was endorsed by the Columbian, not Boger, and that was true before the primary and again before the general election.

Guess we'll agree to disagree, Lew, but in all likelihood, Golik will win anyway, regardless of either of our views.

Unless you are truly a partisan in sheeps clothing, I hope you'll take another look at Mr. Golik. Prosecutor is not, and should not ever be, a partisan office.

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Prosecutor plays detective, tries to find opponent

Wow. Amazing. I try to begin a contsructive conversation/debate with Lew, and a Boger partisan pops out of the woodwork with silly partisan rhetoric.

Oh well. Unfortunately for Mr. Boger, it is emblematic of his campaign in general that Lady in Red's response is typical of his supporters (at least from what we've seen on the blogs).

Lady in Red's ranting doesn't push the discussion in any constructive direction. Just another crazy rant; so common now on many blogs.

Maybe Mr. Golik's slogan should include the following? "Not only is Mr. Golik qualified, he's the choice of most sane voters!"

And then of course, insert, where you please and as often as you like, some of Mr. Kolin's "LOLs."

Still waiting for someone to indicate a case name/number/jurisdiction/something, that shows Mr. Boger has done a jury trial or has prosecuted a criminal case.

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Prosecutor plays detective, tries to find opponent


Agree with much of what you say, as I consider myself a conservative Democrat "without a party" sometimes.

I do however think, that all things considered, Golik seems to be the more ethical/more qualified candidate. To each his own, but I guess I thought I'd at least try to get you to take another look at the facts surrounding each candidate before rushing to either vote for Boger, or not vote at all. Won't list them here; there are plenty of places to find out some of Boger's ethical lapses related to his claims/experience.

Prosecutor is one of the few races I care deeply about b/c it's a race that is so tied in with quality of life and safe streets for the community. I just want a guy who is ethical and fair.

I hope you see it this way, and I hope you'll support Golik even with your comments on the Storro case. But, either way, glad to see some postings without the partisan rancor once in a while.

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Prosecutor plays detective, tries to find opponent

Wow, this blog sure did blow up didn't it?

What I take away from all of this is that there is a lot of insider talk going on from both sides. But honestly, it is hard to hide the facts related to either candidate.

One thing I have noticed, that stands out from all these blogs, past and present, is that no one supporting Mr. Boger have offered any information as it relates to Mr. Boger's trial experience/lack of trial experience. If something was offered, us voters could check out the facts for ourselves using the powerful tool of the internet, but the silence is deafening on this issue. A claim has been made that Mr. Boger has never stood in front of a jury at trial, any jury, anywhere in the country (let alone the State of Washington) and that he has not prosecuted any criminal from inception of a case to conviction. Can anyone from the Boger camp (or the Golik camp?) please let us voters know more about this claim? If true, I'd say that's a pretty big hit on Mr. Boger, especially considering that he's been previously caught in a few lies/exaggerations during the campaign (there was enough public info to check out what turned out to be false claims by the Boger campaign related to his "endorsements," mailers with false info, etc.)

In my mind, even before I consider someone's experience to be a PA, ethical considerations come first, and so far, from the public record/online data searches, it does seem that Boger has some problems where Mr. Golik does not.

If it is true that Mr. Boger is now closely associating with Mr. Kolin, that is one more disturbing issue that is directly related to Mr. Boger's ethical character and judgment since Mr. Kolin has had some pretty egregious ethical "errors" of judgment himself.

Without all the partisan rancor, from both sides, filter it all out, and it is hard to deny that Mr. Golik is the more qualified candidate, and by a wide margin.

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Realtors feel safer with Golik

Columbian Political Beat,

I heard that Boger is now refusing to debate Mr. Golik even in numerous neutral forums. Hope you guys follow-up on this. Seems to me that a guy with no jury trial experience at all who then won't even take part in a public debate is showing his true colors. At best, he just doesn't have any good answers to hard questions and so is avoiding debates. At worst, he's showing that he is completely unable to act in the public arena when he is being heavily scrutinized---definitely a bad trait for the VERY public position of Prosecuting Attorney.

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Golik for Prosecutor; Parker for County Clerk

Here here. Agree with anne. She hits on a point that is the most important foundation for any successful prosecutor: Integrity. And as I've also noticed, based on what I've seen from Boger's website, his statements, his inaccurate mailers (claiming he was endorsed by the Columbian), and his overall claim to nonexistent "crimnal prosecution experience," I'd say he's sorely lacking in integrity.

We cannot and should not elect a truth-stretcher/liar/over-exaggerator for Prosecutor. Integrity is a necessary foundation; Qualifications for the job are built on that foundation. Boger has neither. The choice of Tony Golik for Prosecutor is a smart one, and based on what I've seen and read, a pretty easy call. Columbian got it right this time.

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Golik for Prosecutor; Parker for County Clerk

Well, unfortunately, based on Prosperity's current and past blog comments, it seems that he is truly a partisan hack (and a hypocrite I dare say? e.g., pot, meet kettle?)

No one is attacking Boger's party or his party status. And I for one don't care what party Golik or Boger are from; but what does matter to me is qualifications. A prosecutor isn't a legislator who has professional staffers to tell him what to say and do; committee counsel to write laws for him; a prosecutor is someone that truly needs to know the ins and outs of the job, because those under him will look to him for leadership, advice, and counsel; NOT the other way around, e.g., the elected PA him/herself should not be looking to his/her deputies for leadership and counsel---that is simply not a good plan when it comes to the immediacy of community safety. You need someone who can actually lead and advise his subordinates; who knows what is at stake with every major criminal case before and during trial; someone that a trial prosecutor can turn to in a time of need or even desperation when something goes hay-wire with a case in the middle of trial (and these kinds of things happen even with experienced prosecutors).

Prosperity, what is particularly frustrating about your postings is that you keep coming back with partisan-hack-like statements related to unions, The Columbian's "obvious" bias (ummm, didn't they endorse George W. Bush for President a while back???), and you somehow think that most of Golik's endorsements have come because he's a Democrat??? Sorry, Prosperity, that just doesn't make logical sense in this very Republican election year. And I'm pretty sure that VPD, Clark Co. Sheriff's, and all the law enforcement in Clark County aren't exactly bastions of Democratic Party and/or liberal activity.

Please educate yourself as many already have. Check the facts. Golik is clearly qualified for this job and Boger is clearly not qualified. And that has nothing to do with any kind of partisan B.S.

Golik should be the choice for anyone who truly cares about the community in spite of any self-interested partisan garbage.

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Charges dismissed against former police officer

Micah Rice,

I Agree with Homer and Allen. 2005 is 20 years too late. The investigative reporting they're both referring to should have occurred in closer proximity to 1985. Woodward and Bernstien didn't follow up on the Watergate break-in 20 years after Nixon's reelection campaign; they started in immediately with their follow-up.

Investigative reporting is one of the most important factors in maintaining our collective and individual freedoms. The Columbian should take that to heart. Please get back to basics and re-focus on this most basic of journalistic functions.

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Chief of civil department endorses Golik for prosecutor


I think if you simply look into who Mr. Golik is and who Mr. Boger is, you'll find that not only is Mr. Golik highly qualified (and Boger is not) but that he was not involved in what you refer to as "current problems."

Mr. Golik is not one of the "old guard" decision-makers that have run the office for the last 20-30 years. He is a trial prosecutor that knows the law and knows the job and is respected/admired by both law enforcement and the defense bar (and by numerous others such as victim's rights groups, the chief civil attorney in the County, and the mayors of Battle Ground and Vancouver, to name a few of many)---plain and simply put, Golik is the man for the job.

A guy like Golik as Prosecuting Attorney WILL "shake up" the office, as you put it.

But, like I said, look into it for yourself. My main point was that the educated voter, regardless of party, will likely choose Golik. I do agree with you that the ignorance runs both ways: ignorant Dems will vote for Tony the same way ignorant Repubs will vote for Boger (or these types of voters just won't vote for either candidate).

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Chief of civil department endorses Golik for prosecutor


I've heard similar things as to planning between Mr. Boger and Mr. Wyrick. If true, it's disappointing to say the least when you consider that some people will vote for Mr. Boger just because he has an "R" by his name. Of all our elected offices, Prosecutor is truly the most non-partisan position of them all because the primary duty of a prosecutor is to do justice and secondarily, maintain a high standard of integrity.

From what I've seen and heard, Mr. Boger and Mr. Wyrick don't have any criminal prosecution experience and they sure are lacking in integrity as well. Oh well, would've been nice to have an above-board election but Boger started out with lies right off the bat, and now these rumors of back-room dealings between Wyrick and Boger are quite disturbing.

Check the PDCs; looks like Mr. Wyrick gave $500 to the Boger campaign, and that was a while ago.

Nice to know that the Chief Civil Deputy, Mr. Potter, has the integrity to do what's right even while having to work closely every day with Wyrick.

Thankfully, none of these backroom deals between the land use attorney and the "Commissioner's Man" (Wyrick) will come to fruition b/c it seems that Mr. Golik has a pretty good lock on this race.

Keep up the good work Mr. Golik, I think you're going to be the guy, just don't give in to your opponents' lack of integrity and baseless attacks, e.g., Wyrick/Boger/Kolin/etc.

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