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Leavitt gets advice from Boger, backs Golik

Mr. Wyrick/Mr. Boger:

Sounds like sour grapes to me; re: you or your people's comments on here.

Mr. Boger, please pay attention: You are not qualified, Sir. Please do Vancouver and Clark County a favor and do the right thing for the safety of our citizenry and budget efficiency; pull out of the race and endorse Mr. Golik. Your boss understands how important the position of Prosecuting Attorney is, do you?

Mr. Golik is clearly the best choice based on his experience and character. I think we can trust him to truly do justice while also being efficient with our minimal tax dollars during these times of economic scarcity.

You've got my vote, Mr. Golik; I hope that others can finally see the light too.

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Cantwell stumps for Democratic causes

All good points. But nation-wide, during this particular election year anyway, when the tea party endorsed candidate (in this case Castillo, who seemed to be a pretty good candidate overall) loses, stats are showing that your more conservative Republicans/Tea Party/etc. are staying home for the general b/c they don't feel like they like he more moderate Republican candidates. I'm not saying they all stay home; yes, some will definitely "suck it up" and get out there to vote b/c they don't want the Democrat, BUT, a good number have shown a tendency to simply not support either the Dem or Rep once their guy/gal loses.

I agree this will be a close race, closer than it should be for an incumbent senator; but my take is that this fact will drive Democratic turn-out state-wide while some disgruntled Republican/Tea Party-ers might stay home; and the Reps can't afford to lose any of their base in a close race. (and we know how close races can be with Mr. Rossi)

I may have been a bit quick on the trigger to use the words "no problem" but I still think she wins. (I truly think Rossi should have come out way ahead in the primary and he didn't; he is a well-known name, popular amongst many Reps, and given the anti-incumbent feelings in America, it is telling that he actually didn't beat Murray and everyone else in the primary---Reps should have united behind Rossi earlier so he could have had more momentum going into the general.)

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Cantwell stumps for Democratic causes

Based on results tonight I think Murray is actually going to win reelection no problem.

Just an objective appraisal based on state-wide results. . .

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Defense attorneys object to county prosecutor’s take on budget


I think you'll find that most deputy prosecutors want the Defendant to have the best defense possible as well. Makes for a better record and keeps cases from getting overturned on appeal.

As to going up against the attorneys you mention? You're wrong. Most deputies like the challenge of going up againt a good attorney. I seem to recall a certain murder trial from a few years ago with a dentist as a Defendant. That was Mr. Golik v. Mr. McMullen, if you want to boil it down to attorney v. attorney. And Golik did a great job, won the case, and won the appeal (READ: wasn't overturned). McMullen did a good job too, but the facts were not on his or his client's side.

And, to be respectful of some others, I would also add to you list of good defense attorneys, Therese Lavallee, Mike Foister, Steve Rucker, Jeff Barrar, and Barry Brandenburg. There are more,of course, but I thought we should give some kudos to a few other people too.

I also think you'll find that most if not all of the defense attorneys that you and I have listed here support Mr. Golik for Prosecutor. Check the PDCs. I guess most of them think Golik will be a fair arbiter of justice. And given his law enforcement support, so do our uniformed officers.

Mr. Curtis is retiring soon, so in reality, his position on the issue(s) discussed in this article won't matter past January 1st, 2011.

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Oregon victim rights group endorses Golik

I know many will vote for Boger even if they don't know him or Mr. Golik because Boger's a Republican. And that just shows why Prosecutor should be a non-partisan office, especially given the special nature of the position, i.e., striving for justice for all the citizens of Clark County, whether a victim or a Defendant.

It seems pretty clear that Tony Golik is the only man in the race that deserves to be Prosecutor.

Why would anyone want a land use attorney with no criminal prosecution experience to be their Prosecutor??

Mr. Boger, if you really want to be a prosecutor, then I encourage you to apply for a job as deputy prosecutor in one of Washington's many PA Offices. Then you can get some initial trial experience in Ditrict Court, where you can cut your teeth on some misdemeanor criminal jury trials. And, if you still like being a prosecutor after a year or two of District Court, maybe you can eventually move up to doing some felony trial work. Others have made similar career changes from their civil law practices (land use/zoning in your case). Maybe after you've done a decade or more of felony criminal trials as a deputy prosecutor, you too can be qualified as a candidate for Prosecutor in this or some other county in the State of Washington.

Otherwise, I question your motive(s) for running for this very important office. Somehow, I don't think you really want to be a "prosecutor," you just want to be elected as THE Prosecutor as some kind of stepping stone in your political career.

Please be thoughtful to your fellow citizens of Clark County and move on to something you might be qualified for, like legislator, assessor, auditor, state rep, city council, etc.

Mr. Golik is by far the right choice for Prosecutor. No one else in the race is even a close second.

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