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Vancouver council to consider new ethics policy

Harris needs to be removed period

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Appears to me a big city with a "hooterville" rough council member who revealed herself with an over inflated ego and unprofessional attitude. She deserves to be removed, we deserve better.

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Comcast cable focus of online survey

Hey when you are the only act in town do you really need a survey? charge what you want, do what you please no one can tell you diffrent. I have a bundle package phone TV and internet. I asked if I drop the phone and use my cell the bill should drop 20+ dollars a month or 200.00 a year, and I was told if I dropped the phone my monthly rate would go up. Go figure.

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Father who set fatal fire feared he would lose children

DawnMiller- Thank you for the backbone to share your comment with us, your experience is priceless.

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Pakistan's president denies harboring bin Laden

Enough of this PC lollygaggin, they knew he was there and they knew who he was, they most likely recieved millions in blood money to keep quiet. They should be held accountable for aiding and harboring.

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