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CREDC to conduct strategic review of local economy

CREDC is a public/private partnership that recruits and expands businesses and results are measured by capital investment, job creation/retention and

Clark County is facing 13.1% unemployment with 30,000 of our neighbors unemployed. Only 2,000 jobs available. Like any business, a community needs a strategic plan to focus efforts and investment on protecting old and growing/recrutiing new industries, developing infrastructure, fill a pipeline of workforce for those industries, etc. We have the high-tech we have in Portland Metro because a conscious decision on where to invest in the '80s. It's needed--stay tuned for results published in June.

To answer Coug's question, here are 5 things CREDC has done for Clark County:
1. CREDC has been behind most of the major companies recruited to Clark County, including SEH, WaferTech and most recently, Farwest Steel and PeaceHealth.
2. CREDC helped Christian Shipyards (after a 200-person layoff) obtain grant funding to retool and retrain to manufacture vertical-axis wind turbines for renewable energy supply chain. In less than a year, they have been able to produce 5 prototypes and are positioning to enter the market.
3. CREDC most recently helped an existing manufacturer get connected with training $ to develop their workforce so they could learn to compete with their overseas manufacturing plants. They are winning orders back and hiring 15 new workers on Monday and are looking at doubling that in the new year. That's 15 of our neighbors who now have a job before Christmas.
4. CREDC is working with both private & public organizations to help increase exporters out of Clark COunty. Education, Networking, Consulting, Marketing.
5. CREDC was behind the policy that funded the new electrical engineering building at WSUV, as well as the 4-year EE program (requested by local high-tech companies interested in developing a workforce pipeline)

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Clark County business calendar

Affordable Healthcare for Small Business, Presented by Congressman Baird. I would like to extend an invitation to join Congressman Baird’s “Affordable Healthcare for Small Business” event next week on 9/09 (THU) 4-5PM. In light of the recent changes and press over health care reform’s impact on private sector, many small businesses lack the time and staff to understand how their businesses will be impacted. Please RSVP to Bonnie Moore at the COlumbia River Economic Development Council (CREDC)

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Firms get credit for hiring

Artimus, you bring up a good point that employers hire people because they need employees & they have work for those employees...but I would disagree about the impact of federal, state and local incentives that provide credits to businesses. Having worked in operations in high-tech and consumer goods manufacturing for the last 10 years, it is a common global practice for governments to provide incentives to attract businesses and encourage job hires. Just as businesses should compete for how to earn the consumer's business, governments should compete to attract the best businesses that will help spur and sustain economic growth.

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Incentive attracts manufacturer, 15 jobs

The Columbia River Economic Development Council (CREDC) and SW Washington Workforce Development Council (SWWDC) work with all of its public partners to achieve our goal of creating 1,000 jobs in Clark County every year. 15 jobs may not seem like much, but when you add up all the jobs--it is helping us get closer to our goal each year. We are 80% of the way in reaching our goal for 2010--and we have the small to medium sized businesses to thank!

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Incentive attracts manufacturer, 15 jobs

Southwest Washington Workforce Development Council (SWWDC) and WorkSource-Vancouver are also working with Telemark to get on-the-job training subsidization for their new hires. If you are a business that is hiring and want to get more information on incentives, contact Bonnie Moore (

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City vies for new Google broadband

I am relocating to Camas soon and my sub has the new Verizon FiOS fiber-optic network. I am considering the fiber-optic service OVER cable. Any feedback/suggestions from current Verizon FiOS users???

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