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Re: Restoring Sloppy Field
I realize this was an AP article by Janie Mccauley and Ronald Blum but just wanted baseball deprived Columbian readers to know an interesting tidbit. Back in the '60s when the L.A. Dodgers used to make a road trip to Candlestick Park, the Dodger-Giant rivalry was fierce as ever. They always televised those games back to the LosAngeles market. In Trying to gain an advantage, the Giants would routinely water down the area around the first base bag. This was to slow down the Dodgers great shortstop, Maury Wills from stealing second. As a youngster watching, I distnctly remember another Dodger great, Vin Scully, pointing this out on camera. There was Maury on first, picking the mud out of his cleats. So now, before the series starts in Frisco, the Jints can't complain about a little rain. Brian M. Baker Hazel Dell

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Snow Update - 8:45AM Wednesday

Really enjoyed the weather conference at OMSI in November(?) I was there but forget the actual date. Certified weather geek now. Thank you. Brian

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