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Two Clark County deputies give CPR to motorcyclist after crash

Something is not right. The crash site is only a few feet from the four way stop sign. The motorcycle has to gun the engine hard to go up that steep hill that fast. It could be the kids were coming down the hill too fast around the extremely sharp corner. I have seen too many kids doing just that at that spot. Guess we will find out when the motorcyclist come to.

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Shahala second at National Science Bowl

Hearty congratulations to the boys. We are so proud of them. However, we need other ethnic groups and girls to pull their own weight too. We can't expect 3% of the population to win the technology war for us. We all need to pitch in.

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Churches praying for big donations

JDAWG and Trapper,

Of course Churches are worse than slimeball used car lots. They both prey on retards like you. The difference is the car lot pays taxes.

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Couple allegedly imprisoned autistic boys

I guess now you know where the elementary school teachers come from. If you have an elementary or middle school child, look very carefully at his/her teacher.

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Math remains schools’ biggest testing hurdle

Howard, you are crazy if you really believe that the kids doing Calculus would forget Algebra 1. There's no way that can happen because Algebra 2, Geometry and Trigo, and Calculus are all extension of the basic Algebra. If they do forget, that's most likely because they are taught the warm and fuzzy happy go lucky type math (a.k.a. Integrated Math) - you know the one that preaches self esteem and happiness in life than solving math problems. That argument sounds more like another excuse from the teachers who do not want to assume any responsibilities for the failure of the students. I think the test should be given at least twice a year. That will take care of that nonsense.

And you all friggin retards stop saying we don't need math because we don't use it in our daily life or our kids are under too much pressure. Our kids are THE laziest compared to any other country and just about everything we tool around, drive, and play has math in it. Remember that not everyone will make living flipping burgers.

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Vandals hit Old City Cemetery

These idiots thought the stones are smarter than them. They are right.

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Evergreen budget options draw responses

Stop bitching about the class sizes. Researches after researches showed no relationship between the student performance and the class sizes. Best performing private schools around the area all have class sizes bigger than public schools. The fluffy private schools have smaller class sizes but perform just as bad as public schools, despite the privilege of paying $18000 per year.

Teacher coach thing was a fraudulent scheme came from the teachers union to pad the payroll. It does absolutely nothing to improve the education, and there are many others like that built into the education system. This is a good opportunity to get rid of all those dead weight teachers. Also get rid of ESD and reduce the district admin positions.

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Prostitution sting prompts review

My goodness, he had to fondle breasts and have his willie stroked? The supreme sacrifices the cops are making these days to protect us from prostitution. Now, if we sell the tape to porn sites Couve has to split the profit with the girl? Kinda shame to waste a perfectly good tape...

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