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Open Forum, Oct. 31- Nov. 6

Nailingit November 5, 2011 at 4:22 p.m.
--Qualifying factor #3-- A mother of five. Need I comment on this? I respect women in the political arena every bit as men. But when volunteering and motherhood are two major factors the candidate expects us to consider, we should take a second look. What if a man ran on these two items...he would be laughed at. -----

I am a strong supporter of women being involved in the political arena at all levels. Groups offer women training so they can have a credible resume without much paid work experience out of the home. That very assistance is probably not anything Wentzel would utilize. Her advocates and supporters have not done her any favors by not helping her to maximize a very thin list of accomplishments. It looks like she doesn’t have any education or she would have listed it by now.

She hasn’t been appointed to any boards or commissions. Her volunteer work is not listed in a way that can be verified. Usually, there is a strong combination of community activity with some education background. She will have a steep learning curve if elected. If she were sincere about contributing to Vancouver, she would join some community organizations and work her way through the offices.

Also, she is a perfect candidate for Toastmasters. If you haven’t seen her at Council meetings, you just can’t envision the lack of respect and anger she exhibits. She seems unable to present in a way that would encourage others to come around to her way of thinking. She will be representing Vancouver in a variety of settings that have nothing to do with just the meetings in Council chambers.

Fertility is a good thing so is adoption. If Wentzel had the luxury to not work out of the home, that’s wonderful for her and her family but it’s not a skill, knowledge or ability required for this job. However, I do believe there are transferable skills that should be respected.

I believe her employment with Madore started in November, 2010. I’m sorry I don’t remember where I saw this so I can’t verify. Is that her only paid employment or was she a paid lobbyist at one time? Does she not want to use the word “lobbyist”?

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Open Forum, Oct. 31- Nov. 6

Nailingit November 5, 2011 at 4:22 p.m.
--Qualifying factor #2--" Wentzel took the CASA training in 1995 and was a volunteer for about eight months with the program. ----- Since this is a major factor the candidate expects us to base our vote on, we should take a look.

http://www.electjosephine.com/about-m... [verify]

As a long time citizen activist and community volunteer, I've used common sense and clear priorities to solve problems. This history includes being a
Court appointed Special Advocate, [8 months in 1995]
an advocate for children with learning disabilities, [dates, location? Was this a formal volunteer job or was she a resource for friends?]
a trauma intervention prevention volunteer, [dates,location? Was this a formal volunteer job or was she a resource for friends? Any training?]
a naval hospital candy striper, [Lew Waters wrote on his blog that she was a “teen ‘candy striper’ in Guam during the Vietnam War”. The Vietnam War ended in 1975 when she was around 17.]
a Red Cross volunteer, [dates, location, training?]
a keynote speaker for immigration, [Some of her original material showed “keynote speaker” as her #1 qualification. Was she a paid lobbyist during this time?]
a homeless shelter volunteer, [dates, location]
a Sunday School Superintendent, [dates, location]
and working with free adoptions in Washington State. [Was this a paid lobbying position?]
As a former police detective I understand the need for fairness and justice for all, individuals and businesses. [I think that’s an admirable quality that most everyone shares. It is universal and has little to do with being a police detective at 19. Do unto others, etc. Golden Rule?]

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Open Forum, Oct. 31- Nov. 6

Nailingit --- It’s called “vetting”.
Vetting is a process of examination and evaluation, generally referring to performing a background check on someone before offering him or her employment, conferring an award, etc. [Wikipedia]
Nailingit November 5, 2011 at 4:22 p.m. --Qualifying factor #1-- "Retired Police Detective". Okay. Some might believe law enforcement experience should be a major factor for a city council person. I get that. But I haven't seen numbers concerning this job. If anyone knows please contribute.

Facebook --- Guam Police page [verify]
Josephine Wentzel Hafa Adai. I am Josephine Funes-Wentzel from Vancouver, WA. I graduated with the 17th Cycle in 1977. Any old guys & gals from that era? LOL

She was born November 20, 1958 so she would have been around 19 in 1977 in Guam.

http://usefulwork.com/cgi-bin/wavoter... [verify]

1958-NOV-20 1998-MAR-26
Birthdate Voter registration

I would like to know what year she "retired". There is a picture of her in uniform on her web page. She looks very young. I don't think her retirement as a police detective is equivalent to Turlay's retirement.

Nailingit November 5, 2011 at 4:22 p.m. --- Is there more information on this? Educational background?
I have looked at her website and other mentions of her candidacy on the web. I can't find any reference to any education. That is one of the first things I check for any candidate but she doesn’t include any mention of a GED or receiving a high school diploma. [Cory Barnes has no mention of any education on his website either.]
Lew Waters wrote on his blog that she was a “teen ‘candy striper’ in Guam during the Vietnam War”. The Vietnam War ended in 1975 when she was around 17.

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Open Forum, Aug. 22-28

Mangoboy ---

Neither. Ohio native. Cousin was prof at OSU but I'm California State University, Fresno grad. Alas, 71 is my age.

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Open Forum, Aug. 22-28


Miscellaneous mindless jottings as I watch Irene ---

I wonder if the author votes in primaries. I have thought since the summer of 2009 that we should have available Civics 101 classes. I must have read wrong when I saw that one of the candidates for City Council said that Council members should just sit down over coffee and decide to agree. Do you suppose people think that's the way it works?

If you watched Baird's health care Town Halls, the ones further north in his district were quite reasonable with intelligent dialog. Of course, they were later too. I mistakenly thought that portion of the district would outweigh the votes for JHB in this area.

Here's some info to digest as Women's Equality Day comes to an end. Love how people refer to women being GIVEN the right to vote.


This is Rachel and David Letterman from this week. She talks about her upcoming special on 10 years post 9/11.


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Open Forum, Aug. 22-28


Are you aware that you posted to last week's forum today? I don't think anyone will see it.

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Open Forum, Aug. 22-28


You can't eagerly sign on to Norquist's pledge and still be flexible and listen to your constituents. She is locked onto a path laid out by Norquist & backers. Hope you take time to read this. She is comfortable speaking to these older people in Camas and just repeating a stump speech with talking points. She knows they aren't going to challenge her.


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Open Forum, Aug. 22-28


He's 22 so he's been out of high school for 4 years. One of the things that employers look at is gaps so that could be a flag unless he has been in college. Employers can cherry pick now. Any visible tattoos, piercings? Discs? Facial hair?

Has he tried Precision Castparts? I believe they use an agency.


Who does he know? Uncles, cousins, neighbors, church, girlfriend's family, high school teacher. Who do they know? Get a network rolodex going.

Do you know anyone in Longshoremen's Union that could get him to an on call situation? My son had a fabulous opportunity for years and made excellent money. He had a full time job too.

Can he get into an apprentice program? I don't think he can get into some of the jobs you listed without following the process. Who is advising him on how to get employed in those fields?

Has he tried for sheet rock and roofing jobs. Maintenance worker? Mini-markets, gas stations? Mini-mart/gas near me just hired.

What does Clark have to offer for training? Is he signed up for fall term or has he graduated?

Just quickly brainstorming.

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Open Forum, Aug. 22-28

One hour ago on Twitter
Unknown person wrote ---
Just talked to kathie.durbin@columbian.com re Herrera-Buetler's lack of TH. She is doing a story. Email her!

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