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Newcomer Wylie played skeptic

The funniest remark she made regarding the L&I vote was she didn't want to vote for it because she thought the Government should pay for more "prevention" of injuries. Ha, ha, now just how are we going to do that..without a LOT more spending.
Time to vote for Craig Riley, a sensible man, an intelligent man who will get it right!

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In Congress, bridge choice seen as ‘important milestone’

Here we go again...another "study"enroute. How many people are making a living on all the studies since the inception of this bridge plan, and on it goes: "The governors also acted Monday to firm up the uncertain political support in their respective legislatures, neither of which has approved the massive outlays that will be necessary for construction. Kitzhaber said Monday that he and Gregoire will ask their respective legislative leadership to appoint "a bicameral, bi-state committee for review and oversight of the project – including project financing -- as it moves forward."

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Herrera Beutler defends her vote for House budget

This message is for "fringe" to tell him/her to please take a course in basic are allowed to audit one at a University, or maybe the best thing for you is to get a book,Economics for Dummies" at Barnes and Nobles. Jaimie is doing a good job and I am very pleased with her so far. And yes, we do need to tweak Paul Ryan's plan, but at least it is a beginning.

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Police seek information on shooting, stabbing incidents

I'm very glad the Columbian clarified that the Sunday stabbing did NOT take place in front of Starbucks as was reported yesterday. It was at a bus stop and not in the Square. Garrison Square has been very safe during the ten years I have lived nearby. The people at Ace Hardware are great to work with if you need anything; and a new Gym is soon coming to the empty building next to Ace along with a Beauty School and the Peachtree Restaurant and a few other shops.

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Great Dane, lost since December, found alive

My heart goes out with joy at this great news! From an old English Setter breeder.

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Driver in wrong-way collision identified

When I get off I-14 at the City Center exit and proceed to Washington Street, it is very confusing to me that that street is One Way. I do hope that the City of Vancouver will henceforth make this MORE Visable before we have future accidents.

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It’s now Jaime Herrera Beutler

If Jaimie and her charming husband decide to have children, I am sure she would want her husband's name. Hmmmmm. Jaimie has not shown me anything but charm, kindness and intelligence. She will do a good job in Washington. I cannot understnad so many of you putting the horse before the cart.
MERRY CHRISTMAS Jaimie! al.....

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Gregoire to push for Columbia River Crossing dollars

Can someone tell me if the Kevin Peterson new bridge design has been dumped, and why? WHY? It was cheaper and made sense. If we must have tolls then keep it to $1 each will still pay for the bridge because more people in Vancouver will travel over and back. Other than going to work both ways, many people rely on Portland...i.e., doctor appointments at OSHU, concerts that Vancouver simply does not have but now and then; better shopping for goods Vancouver does not offer and other entertainment Vancouver does not provide and the list could go on. Are we supposed to stay locked in our homes over here with tolls too high to afford?

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City explores funding options for road improvements

E-Terrific, I do agree with you as it pertains to those elected officials. So, I ask again, Do We Need A Mayor and a City Manager?

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City explores funding options for road improvements

Bob K - you always hit it right on the mark. I remember telling the City Council when they were in the process of approving the Agreement for the Development Project for the City to pay for poking holes in the berm along with street and utilities, etc. because there was no mention as to when the Developers (Barry Carin) must begin construction on the Development and we the taxpayers will be stuck for paying interest on the bonds for some time as well as using part of the street funds for their berm deal. So here we are in the middle of an economic crisis and Tim Leavitt is calling for more City "infrastructure". Mr. Leavitt, can you not hold your horses for a few more years until the economy strives to recover? The City is not falling into the river. I am wondering why we even need a Mayor and a City Manager. Mr. Holmes is a very hard working man and it seems to me could handle both jobs thuys saving a salary.

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