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I don't think people understand the full implications of Coal transport, it's dusty, covered or not. It has to be sampled for sulfur content and before loading on ships. If it is to hot, it is raised by buckets and dropped to cool off, or constantly moved by Dozers on the mound, IE dust everywhere. There was a ship about 15 years back that loaded at IMT "International Marine Terminals" south of New Orleans, got part way across the Pacific and started heating up. This threatened to break the ship in half. Think "tire fire, compost heap" The crew sprayed water on it, creating sulfuric acid, making the problem worse. Jezz, it rains here. I just don't know if you want these kind of jobs that destroy the environment. Maybe your reporter could take a trip and look at IMT and see the yellow tinge in the puddles around Coal Storage mounds, see a bucket or two just dumped in the Mississippi, take a bath and try to get the coal dust off him so he doesn't look like he has Mascara on and come back and think this is a Great Idea for the Columbia.

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