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Toy-design firm hopes to tempt talent to downtown

Awesome. Good to see some ingenuity and growth in Vancouver.

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Looking forward to seeing what you can share with us.
Hopefully it will lead to lively and worthwhile discussions.

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The man behind the no-bridge-tolls money

I would love to continue the discussion but I have other obligations to tend to. So I will try to be succinct enough to leave no ambiguity.

I am not anti Union. My family has many members who are in unions. Most people either have family or friends who are union. I know the tremendous value that unions bring to our communities. I do however think that many union's political-level managers are doing the unions a disservice in cooperation with their selected politicians. They are behaving like the lawyer that keeps a client pursuing a case even when they know the prospects are very poor. By not being more forthright some politicians and union political arms have given the rank and file a false impression of what is inevitable, no matter who is elected.

My comments here about union donations is only to contrast the political expectations of donors, as raised in concern over Mr Madore's contributions. I have not accepted support where those conditions exist. Mr Madore has been clear that there are no expectations. I would love to have the support of union members, but I am unwilling to submit to the Union political arm with an condition that I will *always* take the political arms side.

It is true my opponent doesn't come here to post. Perhaps he feels his incumbency entitles him to rest on the side line. Or perhaps he's comfortable that people know him well enough already. I'm the new comer and I want to talk to as many people in as many ways as I can. I've enjoyed this exchange when it was in earnest. I invite anyone to write me at my email address with any questions or follow on comments they have. My phone number is 360-334-5663 if you would rather call me.

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Thank you for your kind words and friendly exchanges on the Columbian web site.
I wont be continuing this discussion after todays post because it is one of diminishing returns. Everything I could say I've already said.
I am not against Unions, I am unhappy with Union leadership. I feel strongly that unions are important, but their leadership has become too political.
Remember when we met at the Fire Station? One of the firemen suggested I speak to their union. The Unions political officer refused to even entertain the idea saying it would be unfair to Jacks.

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The man behind the no-bridge-tolls money

Perhaps you would like to share why you aren't "Concernedalso" that Mr. **Jacks has received 10 times the donations that I have from those who make it very plain that they do indeed expect something in return.** And in fact, they got their something in return before. But that hasn't "concerned-u" at all?

I'm not so selective in my concern. I eschew all such influence as I make clear with every donor I've accepted funding from.

You can try to make my arrival to see collect a donation into something vulgar. But then how much more vulgar is my opponent getting 10 x as many such checks. Do you suppose his donations were delivered by unicorns?

Your agenda seems a little transparent.

My 10:40 PM comment followed at least two previous comments that made Mr Madore's faith a topic in their posts. And that is because the topic led the second paragraph in the article. So I don't see why you would think my mention of it becoming a lighting rod for some to be out of bounds. You certainly are focused on it.

I hoped to merely have a open and fair conversation on the topic. But apparently one doesn't have to go to City hall to be harassed for having an opinion on the issues.

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The man behind the no-bridge-tolls money

concerned1 & ronnieraygun
Perhaps you missed the part of the article the referred to the 20,000 sq-ft of office space Mr Madore donates to charitable organizations.

Further, I didn't raise the issue of Mr Madore's faith, the article did in it's opening description. Many of the comments were focused on that fact as if it were some kind of liability.

Hopefully that clears up the reasoning for my comments?

BTW, I know Mr Madore has no expectations of political favor from me. At least nothing greater than a possible tour of the Capital, which I would extend to every citizen if the support me or not.

However, while filling out questionnaires for possible endorsement from a prominent Union I was asked if I would promise (in advance) to support that Union on any legislative issue that arose in Olympia. I did not get that unions endorsement but Mr Jacks did. Still want to discuss undue influence?

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Candidates differ on fixes in 49th race

PS to the article:
I am not anti Union as this article suggests at the end. While it is true that I am not fond of union *leadership*, I do have affinity for the union *membership*. Trying to reach the membership through the filter of their leadership currently is near impossible. That is what needs to be improved the most.

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Candidates differ on fixes in 49th race

Hmm, apparently if you paste from a word document your post may get jumbled a bit.
Please forgive the transcription errors of a newbie to posting in the Columbian's comments section.

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Candidates differ on fixes in 49th race

E_Terrific, Let me answer you on your question.

First, there are no jobs in California.
Second, this is my home. I’m not abandoning it or my community. I stay and fight to get all of Clark counties unemployed workers back into solid careers.
Third, I do indeed feel that I am entitled to receive the training benefit that I am taking now. I enlisted under the promise of the original GI bill which was rescinded while I was still serving. It is a requirement of my unemployment, and anyone who works in technology knows that you must constantly be retraining.
Finally, I will not I take my wife out of a job with a great local company and make her leave our home, at a financial loss now, to go be unemployed with me somewhere we don’t want to live.

I’m staying right here in Vancouver. If I am elected I will fight for all the unemployed Clark county workers to help create a employer friendly environment so they aren’t subjected to the selfish minded people who just want them to go somewhere else. This is their home too. They are our neighbors and they need jobs here where they live. They are not someone else’s problem, they are our asset. If I’m not elected I will go to work here doing what ever I can. I am inclined to open my own business, hopefully to eventually employ some of my neighbors.

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The man behind the no-bridge-tolls money

I rather enjoyed the article.

For the type of coverage that most media give to conservatives and their issues, this was surprisingly even handed. It informed the reading public and left them plenty of room to form their own opinion, or at the least, it gave the reader impetus to learn more on their own. As a conservative, that is about as good as we ever really expect. We really don't want the press to become a cheerleader because sometimes they will be cheering for the other side. Those already entrenched with a view will find something to agree with and something to take issue over.

For those comments here who worry over the influence of Mr Madore's donations... please. Go to [][1] and take a good look at where the donations are coming from. Not just this election but also in previous years, so you can comes if legislation seems correlated to donations. Every citizen should know where the money is coming from and going to in every election.

I never met or heard of Mr Madore until well after I entered the race and had announced my positions. I did not solicit Mr Madore's support, but I am very happy to have it, especially as I have learned that he truly is a man of integrity who is not after personal gain in this election. I know that this day and age it is difficult to believe that there really are true philanthropist out there. And since Mr Madore has a strong faith there will be those eager to tear him down. It is a sad commentary on our society that it is that way.

As for the tolls on the bridges, I stand by my quoted comment. It would be a terrible injustice to finance this bridge on the backs of our commuting blue collar workers. How ever this bridge gets built, I will fight to the very end to prevent commuters from paying tolls to go to work on it. Any new bridge will be for the benefit of the entire west coast and every citizen and business should be invested.


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