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Clark County housing market improves in March

Herschel, I've asked Matt Wastradowski, our social media coordinator, to remove your first post, since it contained incorrect figures. Also, even though the month-to-month inventory declined (from 12.1 months worth of homes in Feb. to 8.3 months worth in March), the year-over-year inventory increased. In March 2010, there was a 7.7-month supply of houses for sale in Clark County. - C

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Clark County housing market improves in March

Readers, please note we have made some corrections to this news brief. I apologize for the error. The main change? March home sales showed an improvement over the previous month, but home sales were down from the total number of houses sold in March 2010. (And as most of you prolly remember, there would have been a flurry of March activity last year tied to the home-buyers' tax credits, contracts that had to be signed by April 30. Again, I am sorry about the mistake. - C

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Downtown advocates envision a bright future

Readers, you're right in pointing out the gaps in this story. For example, the first sentence mentioned hardships but the article didn't detail the downtown core's sufferings - things like vacant buildings and closed businesses like Koplan's Home Furnishings, which shut down in April 2009 and Kazoodles, which closed in February. Maybe I should have put these things in the story. Regular local readers are already aware of this background.

The main point of the story was to outline the discussion at Thursday's Vancouver's Downtown Association meeting. Tree planting, cleanup efforts, flower baskets and building renovations were the main topics discussed.

Mr. Koski, thank you for the reminder that we need to follow up with an update story on when we might expect the library's companion, mixed-use commercial project (BTW, the developers are now calling it Library Square, not Riverwest). - C

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Foreclosures in county down 29%

Got it, thanks, Artimus, Herschel and everyone.

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Foreclosures in county down 29%

Artimus, I think I understand your earlier comment now.

As an investor who views the housing market as "still too risky," you disagree Anthony's quote that in his opinion, home prices are bottoming out.

How much lower do you think values will go? The median price of all homes (new and preowned) sold in March in Clark County is $190,500, according to figures released today by "benchmarks," which tracks every home sale that goes through the Clark County courthouse. The March median is down 9.3 percent from the median of $210,000 in March 2010 and it is down 26.7 percent from March 2007, when the median was the highest for March at $260,000.

I'm just curious, how much lower would you like to see values drop before you feel comfortable investing again?

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Foreclosures in county down 29%

Wow, thanks for sharing your opinion, Herschel.

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Foreclosures in county down 29%

Artimus, I appreciate your skepticism. I mean, let's face it, we all like to hear both sides of a story. Your view represents a real change from the real estate community's "It's a great time to buy" mantra.
However, I think it would be more credible if you'd provide some reason for questioning the report issued by RealtyTrac, the real estate tracking company. Why are you skeptical of these numbers and the analysis gleaned from interviewing local Realtors? Perhaps you or your family or friends are still reeling from the affects of foreclosure. Still battling the sluggish job market? Or, perhaps it's just a feeling you're getting because you still see a lot of vacant houses or closed businesses in your neighborhood. Please explain. - C

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Blazers sign Barron

Sounds like this Earl Barron's been kicked around a bit and deserves a good home. Maybe he will come alive when he gets to Rip City.

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Parade of Homes targets baby boomers

Couple things I should have mentioned in the story: 1. The lots being used for the Parade of Homes entries are all situated on a hillside overlooking Lake River (I think that's what they call the waterway north of Vanc. Lake), so these homes will all have waterfront views. 2. From what I understand, Clark County is still quite a magnet for wealthy retirees from Oregon and California because Washington doesn't have the state income tax charged in those other states. As for those of us who can't afford these houses, we at least can do some dreaming at this summer's Parade of Homes. And it's always a good place to get decorating and home improvement ideas for fixing up our own crackerboxes. - C

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Supermarket showdown on the east side

Thanks for the interesting discussion, readers. It's helpful, too, since this story was my attempt to answer the questions generated by our March 29 story on New Seasons - Please keep me posted on grocery store habits and happenings, especially if you live on the west side, downtown or central part of town because I live in east Vancouver and don't always get over that way. My hubby and I tend to shop Winco, Freddies and sometimes Trader Joe's - mostly out of habit. I agree with the folks who like Chuck's (great produce, clean store), and I'm looking forward to trying New Seasons. - C

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