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My heart goes out to the Simerly family.
Due to an eerie coincidence, my mother Laura and step-father Jim Borden strongly considered but did not purchase the house that the horrible incident occured in.
For some reason they became enamored with stucco houses and searched the Shumway neighborhood for one when they were planning on buying a different home.
After a few weeks, they were down to two choices; one on E 37th Street and one on E 34th Street. They finally decided on a stucco house at 810 E 34th Street, just three blocks from the Simerly home.
My mother and I spoke often about the potential decision they didn't make and how things could have been so different for our family.
My mother lived a long and normal life. She passed in that house in 1993, my stepfather in 1989.
We always wondered about how the Simerly's coped with that incident, quietly crossing ourselves in thanks that it had not happened to us.
I am gratified to learn that the person responsible has been caught after all these years, however it cannot relieve the sorrow and loss that was felt.
A haunting mystery has been solved.

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