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Open forum, Jan 21-27

I noticed that those who criticized my comment about a shotgun as preferred to a semi-automatic weapon in the home made no mention of the home alarm suggestion. The effectiveness of a shot gun, and yes a woman can handle one, is the fear factor that it creates in anyone on the muzzle end.
My biggest concerns about the proliferation of guns in the home is how little concern owners pay to recurrent training so they can actually hit their target instead of an innocent bystander, and how loose many are about securing the weapon against children and thieves gaining access.

My other concern is that Rep. Herrera Beutler has indicated as usuall that she will follow a party line instead of soliciting the concerns of her constituency. Those "community meetings" by invitation don't allow the wide community to weigh in. It seems now that she's heard from the NRA, her mind is made up.

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Open forum, Jan 21-27


"...Following that incident, the first peaceful night's sleep she had came after her brother taught her how to use a gun. These days, Herrera Beutler and her husband, Daniel Beutler, own multiple guns, including one with an extended ammunition clip.

"It's a home-protection device," she said....


Rep. Herrera-Beutler:

I would suggest that the best "home-protection device" would be a security alarm, and possibly a shotgun to convince a potential home invader that you won't miss with an errant aim. Please remember that when the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution was installed, the "home-protection device" of the day was a musket, not a semi-automatic rifle with an extended ammunition clip.

- Truly universal background checks are essential for ALL gun sales, not just at licensed gun dealers.

- Improved funding for services to mentally ill citizens is also essential, not just registering anyone seeking mental health services as not-legitimate to purchase a "home-protection device."

- Outlawing manufacture of large capacity ammunition clips is essential. Nobody needs twenty or more cartridges to stop a burglar or hunt a deer. Every hunter I know claims they've never gotten more that one or two shots at anything they were hunting.

I would hate to see you becoming a dupe for the gun manufacture industry. Receiving campaign support from their de-facto lobbyist, the NRA, puts you in jeopardy of being exactly that.

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