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New ways to be social together

Thanks for the comments, folks. It's a bit cheesy, but I keep each paragraph in my column this week to 140 characters or less to see how much I could express in that amount of space. On Twitter, of course, you don't have to follow AP style guidelines, and with abbreviations you can get across a lot more.

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Advice on starting a business is free

E Terrific - I don't know how to fix the type without deleting your comment, but I'll ask our web gurus if they can help.

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Economic development council chief to resign

Rightwing_Extremist: There are two Bart Phillips (at least) in Clark County. The one who works at PBS Engineering is not the same man who has led the Columbia River Economic Development Council for many years.

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Dining Out: A low-cost, high-flavor visit to Vietnam

Thanks. We considered the tripe, but were a bit frightened because of uncertainty. Will try to overcome the fear next time.

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Think beyond college

Interesting, E Terrific. I'd not heard that before.

Some of the trades are working hard to attract people from outside of traditional areas. Even though building trades have been hard hit by the current economic downturn, there could be worker shortages within a decade or so as baby boomers retire. That's one of the motivators behind job fairs that target women and minorities -- the number of people pursuing these jobs isn't enough to meet the long-term demand on its own.

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Update: Sapa will employ up to 100 at Port of Vancouver

Hi E Terrific - you're right, our initial update is from a press release. Aaron is out at an interview right now, and will be updating later today as he's able to learn more. He'll definitely ask whether these are 100 new jobs, or 100 relocations.

We'll also try to find out what's behind the move, alleycat.

Good questions, folks.

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Getting the message across

Nope, I'm not paid by the taxpayers - I'm paid by The Columbian. I have written about unemployment and regulatory unfairness, among other things. You can peruse my columns by clicking here: [][1]


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Earmarks not always wasteful

Thanks for your comments, folks. The word "always" in this headline is key - earmarks are not ALWAYS wasteful, but they certainly are sometimes, maybe even often.

The list of local earmarks from 2010 is just the list of the largest earmarks, I didn't intend to suggest that they're all worthy of funding.

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Corporate breaks or a good wage?

Thanks for reading, folks, and I appreciate the compliments. I've only had this column for a few months, after years of "hard news" reporting, and your support - and honest criticisms - are much appreciated.

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Vancouver-based Barrett Business Services Inc.'s CEO dies unexpectedly

Hi folks - I'm not taking these comments personally, or not as personal affronts. But if I were a friend, family member or employee of this man who had just died I might. Furthermore, I'm answering specific questions.

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