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Rape suspect had just been acquitted

This whole situation makes me sick. Oh, but we can rehabilitate these sexual predators, right? What a waste- I say castrate the bastard, if a jury of his peers finds him guilty, cause in the good old USA, you are innocent until proven guilty. As a mother of a daughter who has been sexually assaulted, this just infuriates me.

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Vancouver-based Barrett Business Services Inc.'s CEO dies unexpectedly

I do agree that the cost associated with running an obituary is ridiculous. Just another vendor taking advantage of your grief.

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Child killer says she won't participate in hearing

@Cascade- she shot her three children. One died, two survived. She did it because of her boyfriend- she didn't think he could "love" her if she had kids. I believe she gave birth while in jail also.

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Firefighter kept residents plugged into department

I had the honor of working a few times a month when I was a volunteer with Trauma Intervention. I disagree with W_L_S- it takes a special breed to be able to his job. How many of you would have your pager with you 24/7? He is a very, very compassionate person and that showed in his interactions with very distraught family. Good luck Jim! I hope your retirement is awesome and full of golf!

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Turkey of a Thanksgiving forecast: freezing rain

When my Dad worked for the phone company, my Mom LOVED extreme weather. Always meant a nice big paycheck!

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Turkey of a Thanksgiving forecast: freezing rain

I suppose because no one wants this event- it will be nasty. Might make our drive to BG a bit dicey.

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White Thanksgiving?

Ok, this is completely selfish, but we are moving this weekend and I really, really hope it doesn't snow. Dealing with the rain is bad enough, but PLEASE Mother Nature- dial it down a bit!!

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When crisis hits, Trauma Intervention volunteers rush in

I had the great honor of being with the TIP program for several years before health issues forced me to quit. You will never meet a group so willing to give so much of themselves just to "be there" with someone who has experienced a traumatic event. These volunteers give almost 40 hours EVERY month to our community and they do it with an open heart. They truly know how to offer a compassionate presence at very difficult times.

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Biden to campaign for Murray at Pearson Air Museum

Golden- would you mind cooking for four more? I can pick up every afternoon! :)

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