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Open Forum, June 13-19

One more thing, tell Laird he wrote a great column on Sunday.

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Open Forum, June 13-19

A half dozen Republicans have taken over the new facebook comments and it's a shame. One of the great things about being anonymous is the ability to say exactly what you are thinking without the typical social consequences. Once your identity is revealed, the need to be polite and considerate moderates comments and people don't express their true feelings.

Columbian, your comments have become dull, dull, dull. Go back to the old system where people "told it like it is." You changed your whole system because of a few jerks and now, you're stuck with the very same jerks using their real names. The reasonable people want to protect their identity and safety.

You blew it. Put it back.

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Vancouver tweaks school budget plan

LewH2O "Why do we pay such union salaries and benefits..."

$34,000 starting pay with a bachelors degree and teaching certificate? Wow, that evil teachers union is really kicking some tax payer butt with "such" salaries.

If we are 14th in reading, 17th in science and 25th in math, perhaps we should consider raising the starting salary to attract teachers who like to put food on the table and pay their rent.

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Letter: Showcase more serious issues

Hi Alexandria
Sorry, but your letter seems very "catty" to me. There's nothing wrong with being physically fit, attractive, intelligent, and self confident. I wish Ms. Kayyalaynen the best of luck.

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All together now: ‘Thanks, Florida!’

Well, If turning down Federal money is so smart why don't all republican governors send ALL Federal money back? Hummmm?

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Letter: Work to change course has just begun

I hope losing Brian Baird for Jaime Herrera is a lesson to the radical left who roasted Baird in town halls for his position on the "surge" in Iraq. You ran an intelligent experienced moderate democrat out of office and now we're stuck with a lock-step rookie who's afraid to break rank with the Bonner/Ryan cadre. This gal won't think for herself. She'll find a few easy votes against her party to appear "fair" and call it good for the whole term. And keep a close eye on Medicare because she's determined to "save it" by killing it.

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Letter: Work to change course has just begun

Key words predictably MISSING from Ms. Herrera's letter: military spending, jobs, healthcare, wars, rich, taxes.

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Letter: Work to change course has just begun

"Thank you, Jaime Herrera-Beutler, since you are a "junior" congress person, I am absolutely sure that you are doing WHAT you can, WHEN you can, for ALL of your constituents."

What a load.

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Letter: Not everyone enjoyed the parade

Man, if you can't enjoy a once a year parade and deal with a few minor inconveniences you need some medication.

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State budget deal relies on massive education cuts

"That is crap duckman. So if a kid brings a knife to school the school can't boot them out since the "law" requires an education. Total garbage, I see right through it."

hargen. You'd better learn what crap is so you don't keep stepping in it. If a kid gets expelled from one public school he is sent to another public school; since a private would never take him. If he is really bad or dangerous he'll be tutored at home; we still pay. Federal law requires we educate each and every child. Look it up my friend.

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